Storyline Arty Episode I: Bi-Verse

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  1. A hippie van pulls into a gated house drive way, a man walks out the camera man runs after the man to catch up. It's Billy Winston formerly known as Brian Mandela's lackey Roadie. "Roadie! Roadie! Roadie!" Screams out the camera man, Winston flips him off and walks into the gated house.

    The door opens and naked guys and gals scram, screaming "it's the po-po" Winston screams out, "Arty where are you!" Out comes The Artist with black socks, his mask and no clothes. "Hey Winsty" Artist says in a seductive tone. Come on let's do this thing!

    Winston and Artist are in a black car heading up a empty highway at night. "This is going to be sooooo fun!" says Winston, "Yes it will be, but it won't beat loving god." "Nah!" Screams Winston.

    They stop the car, and they both walk out slowly closing the door while praying and smiling. They walk up to a store called, 毕毛皮. A Chinese Shop run by a billionaire. Artist says, "Are you sure there here?" "My sources say yes, plus i asked god and i got this from Brother Monk Bulgrif."

    They walk out with 7 shopping bags in hand. Winston asks, "Should we change here or should we change their?" "Their" Replies Artist.

    They turn right on an intersection reaching a town called Old Gary. The entire place is filled with doll and liquor shops, everything except government added land improvements are in russian. They take a sharp and pull into a shop called Bя-участники. Winston screams IT'S TIME. Oh Yes It Is, Artist says in a weird tone. They enter while the camera shut's off.