Storyline As MITB approaches

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  1. *Andrew's titantron starts to play for a few before it fizzles out*

    *The scene opens at an Airport, Andrew is shown sitting on top of a cab all alone; the only thing with him is his title which is right next to him dangling from the hood*

    "People- they sure do love to talk. These past few days all I've heard is how the second generation is going to outshine everything at Money in the Bank, even the return of Victoria Parker, and Aids Johnson. And whenever the second generation is brought up three names are recycled over and over again. Chris Kaizer, Joey Bryant, and Alias Antonio. It seems to me that everyone forgets to mention that I am one of the second generation wrestlers here in the IWT, technically speaking. I wasn't here since the opening- no, I came in at about the middle of 2013. Back when the IWT was still filled with 'first generation' wrestlers, and I was able to climb the ladder in a matter of just a couple of months. However, I'm still failed to be mentioned as part of the second generation; even though I've helped carry a division with one other man for over half a year. I don't know, maybe I just peaked early, or maybe it's because my partner is apart of the first generation."

    *An airplane flies overhead, and Andrew waits for it to pass*

    "Here's what I do know, come Money in the Bank I face the majority of the second generation and I'm walking into Boston as a champion, and I'm walking out as a champion! I'm not doing this for any sort of generation, or any of the fans- no, I'm doing this for me."

    *Andrew grabs his title and hops off of the cab*

    "You know what's funny? They're going to call it an upset."

    *The scene fades*
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