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    As the IWT show comes to a close, the panel of former IWT stars are talking about how amazing the show has been, when Aids Johnson walks out to them, walking inbetween the stars and taking the center of the panel. Aids takes his cards and hits them on the table, centering them so they are all aligned. The crew look over with a silence, before Aids looks at each of them solemnly, centering himself and addressing the camera.

    Tonight we witnessed the gathering of what possibly will be the gathering of the greatest group of the second generation of the IWT stars. We might have heard the last of the likes of Eric Draven, Senhor Perfect, and yes, Aids Johnson. But what we are yet to witness is what will happen to the stars now gathered to witness the destruction and domination of the IWT due to the gathering of Alias, Bryant, and TNH movement now created in the IWT.

    I am not here to tell you this is the return of Aids Johnson. My day is over, but it is time for those of you who still care about this company to step up. The IWT is about to witness the greatest group ever created. Forget the cure, forget the....what was that jobber team called again?...and forget the Order. This is a group that is not here to ruin IWT, but to literally put everyone in it on their backs.

    Today is the time you step up. Today is the time whether you decide if everything you have done here is worth it. If the hours and days, weeks and months you have spent here is worth this fight. In these coming days you decide if you want to fight, or if you think flight is your best option. Tonight is the night you realize that your former enemies are worth more than the foes you will take on together.

    Tonight, is the night you begin to give everything you have to the common cause of IWT, or watch yourselves fail one after another to the 2nd generation champions we all knew were coming to pass. You need to choose soon, because tomorrow might not be another day here. Tomorrow could be the day that you allow the superstars of tomorrow to take over what you have spent days working for, what people like jonathan and dat kid spent months for, and men such as Spinz, Senhor, and Myself have spent our lives building.

    The time for choice is now, and what matters most, is that you realize one win is not everything. The majority is what chooses the future of this company. You're welcome.

    *Aids stands up, fake high fives before ball slapping the 2nd annalist, moving out of the screen as it fades to black.
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    *But suddenly the screen comes back on (OOC: thanks for stealing my end of show thunda mafucka).*

    *A familiar song that has not been heard in the IWT for quite some time blares over the sound system. The people who are still in the arena quickly sit back down as they realize the show wasn't quite over.*

    *Trip in the Head walks down the aisle as his new titantron video plays. He is once again decked from head to toe in a Gucci tailored suit. His long hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail. He climbs up onto the apron and duscks in between the ropes into the ring. He stands confidently in the ring as the song fades out*

    TRIP: Wait wait, don't leave just yet folks. I know you usually do whatever that halfwit Aids Johnson tells you to do, but there's more. And you, Aids, if you're not going to return then stop showing up on my god damn shows! Thats right. MY shows. You see, I was officially made the new GM of the IWT not long ago. The man who started his tirade here in the IWT as a psyhco butcher is now in charge of it all people. What could possibly go wrong? And I'm sure you're asking, "what about Jonothon?" or some either meaningless babble. Well lets just say whats done is done and you don't need to know shit. *Crowd boos* Now tonight went fairly well IMO. The old has beens reunited once again to prove why they left in the first place while the new blood, or "2nd generation" as they seem to be calling themselves, came out on top in most of the matches. Jono beat Unknown just like we all knew he would, but at least Unknown showed up this time. The Dudes with Tude had their little tournament that impressed no one, only to have the finals match be dropped thanks to scheduling issues. The Cure beat the Dazzling Chavs and the Order took out their trash afterwards. We'll take good care of them folks, don't worry.Then Alias had a few choice words for me and mine. Thats ok little birdie. Now that you know how to fly I won't stop you from leaving the nest. Fly as high as you want, but just remember, it gets real hot up there close to the sun, close to.....the spotlight. Anyway, to continue, we also had that one female wrestler we have left lose again. What a surprise. Although I'm not sure whether I'm surprised she lost because she's a woman in a man's game or that she was Aid's "protege". Like master like bitch I guess, ah hahahaha. Oh and our main event included one of the two dopes who stole my tag team title away from me getting his ass handed to him by Chris Kaizer. *Trip golf claps* Bravo, bravo sir. Now lets see you do it again for those belts. You have earned my favor for the time being. You come see me if you need anything. *Trip rubs his chin for a moment*

    TRIP: OH! And then there was Farooq vs Manik. An outcast from my little band of workers vs an outcast from the entire IWT itself. And the bigger of the 2 outcasts won! HA! @Manik you were let go from this company for a reason. You were nothing then, you are nothing now, and your career is about to get the monk treatment, just like you. Thats right, I mean NO ACTION pal. Hahaha, you think you can just come back and expect to claim a spot for either of the IWT championships? Ohhhh you've got a lot of nerve my bald brother of the cloth. You're lucky you won tonight because I was prepared to fire you on the spot. So you best hope your luck holds up.

    *Trip turns fast pointing out amongst the crowd*
    TRIP: That goes for the rest of you in IWT as well! A new era has dawned and what a looooong strange TRIP its going to be ha ha ha. *Trip smiles wide as he drops the mic and exits the arena.*

    OOC (open)
    All Kayfabe people. You are all great competitors
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  3. Trip begins to walk out, the lights fade. When they return, Trip is in the middle of the ring - waiting on whatever is coming towards him. As he does so, the titanron hits, prompting the crowd to go wild

    Aids walks out to a huge pop, mic in hand, and as he does so Trip loosens up his fists. Aids takes a few steps forward, before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Aids and Trip stare face to face as the camera feeds, leaving the fans and IWT universe to wonder what will happen next.
  4. *Trip in the Head and Aids stand eye to eye in the middle of the ring staring each other down. Trip raises a mic to his mouth*
    TRIP: What do YOU want? You claim to have left the IWT but you stroll out here any damn time you please and run your mouth. Well, I'm tired of it Aids! You make yourself useful to me right now or you can just get the fuck right out of here. Was a torn apart family not enough for you? You want more? I am so tired of you talking about how you made IWT! To quote a song I heard recently - "Stop fronting broham - or I'll stick a carrot in your nose like a mother fuckin snowman"!

    *Aids is visually getting angrier at this point. Whats of left of the crowd is starting to grow impatient as one fan yells "Kick his ass Aids!". Aids Johnson turns his head to look in the fan's direction and gives him a nod. Aids turns back around quickly and goes to strike Trip in the Head - but stops just before he does. Trip in the Head never even flinched once. The crowd is even more confused at this point. Then both of the superstars smile and ......SHAKE HANDS!? Then Trip raises the mic to his mouth one more time as he addresses whats left of the crowd*

    TRIP: IWT! I would like to introduce you all to my new talent agent. Thats right. Aids Johnson will be my go to guy for when I need to know whats up with the talent on my show. So you all better make it known to him what you want and what you are after. And if he chooses not to inform me, well, you better do a better job of convincing him it's worth it then. Good luck.

    *Trip then flips off the fan that told Aids to kick his ass. Laughing, he hands the mic to Aids and walks out of the ring and up the ramp*
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