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  1. This is something that people did on another forum. There was about 10 or more topics where people created a page where other people asked questions. So ask me a question and I will do my best to answer it. (Please make the questions appropriate.)
  2. I am going to assume Daniel Bryan is your fav., so why is he?
    When did you first start watching wrestling?
    Are you in college for anything?
    What is your favorite thing to do?
  3. @Xanth I've never seen the show Supernatural.

    @Britanica Daniel Bryan is my current favorite. I started liking Daniel Bryan when he came back at Summerslam to defeat Nexus, and he's newer and exciting. John Cena finally got boring for me. My favorite of all time is Steve Austin. I first started watching wrestling back when I was 3 or 4 back in the late 90's, but missed out on 5-6 years due to family issues and I kind of forgot about it. I was reintroduced to it back in 2007. I'm in college to study music, and my favorite thing to do is listen to music and watch TV.
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  4. Do you need $100?
  5. Can you explain in detail your accomplishments with band?
  6. @Based God Darth
    No. I've got a good bit of money saved up.

    Sure I would love to. I enjoy talking about band. My first three years of high school our band was pretty successful but we never won anything for my first three years. So finally when we won three grand champion trophies it was a pretty big deal because the first and last time the band won a grand champion was 2004, and I was in elementary school at the time. So every spring they give out awards, lots of awards to people that deserve it. For the first three years I never won anything and so on the night that I finally got won I was excited. It was the best award that a student could get. It was for who represents the band the best. I was always first outside to march and I was always super motivated. I tried to inspire others to do their best. Yep I'm a major band geek.
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  7. Anything else you enjoy outside of wrestling and spongebob?
  8. who r u and what do u want
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  9. What are some of your favorite movies & TV Shows?
    Where is David Palmer?
    What did you do with the drugs?
    Favorite vidya games?
    What do you think of Brad Maddox?
  10. @CM Punk

    I enjoy watching the weather channel. I am very into the weather. I watch old Cartoon Netwrk shows like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Lab on Boomerang.

    @Lith my real name is Carlie and I want to do something with music.

    @JwabTV my favorite types of movies are basically animated movies and comedy movies, but like most other people I love movies like Wizard of Oz. I don't know who David Palmer is... I don't do drugs. My favorite games are games like Mario, Mortal Combat and of course WWE games. I think that Brad Maddox is annoying.
  11. Do you own any pets?
  12. I might as well say I own two dogs even though one of them is my uncle's dog. He's not allowed to stay with him. So yeah I guess two dogs and a cat
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  13. :yay: