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  1. I think that @Bree had a great idea so I have decided to make the same. So you know, ask or suggest whatever you want
  2. Ask NanoRah14 anythin

    What are you currently studying or where are you currently working?
  3. Ask NanoRah14 anythin

    Why do you like Jeff Hardy so much?
  4. Ask NanoRah14 anythin

    If you could alter 1 major world events outcome, which event and what outcome would it be?
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    I'm actually a psychologist
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    Great to hear. I've got a GCSE exam on Psychology, are you able to help me?
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    Because of his risky moves, there are more reasons but as wrestler the thing I like the most is that one


    I'd change the Wrestlemania 25 Jeff vs Matt Hardy result, I'd like it more if Jeff won that match


    Why not, but I think it'll be better if you pass it by your own
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    I don't know shit about Psychology.
  9. I always did prefer Jeff Hardy to Matt myself as well to be honest.
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    The question here is: Why in the hell are you studying Psychology?
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    A GCSE is a GCSE.
  12. I don't know, he's the big brother of both but Jeff always was in my opinion the one who made it entertained of both, but it was awesome the end of that match with Matt hitting Jeff a twist of fate with Jeff's head in a chair
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    Is it mandatory? If not why did you choose it lol.
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    Yeah, I need an extra qualification.
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    Well the truth is that I can't talk to much about the UK education program but... I'm able to help you if you want PM me your questions
  16. I lol'd. Bree asks what major world even you would change, and you answer with a Wrestlemania result. I guess Wrestlemania results are more important than world peace, hunger, wars, etc :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
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  17. Why nanorah14 as username?
  18. Yeah, maybe that's it, but Bree asked about a major world event, and like this is a forum about sports I thought it was more correct to answer from my sports vision, not only my life vision, but you talk about world peace, I don't believe in peace without war... But yeah, I'd change the hunger, the people living in bad conditions, and more things like that


    Because when I was a child everyone in my school knew that almost all my family is Spanish so they called me "enano" because I was too short, then I started to grow and I was one of the tallest so the thought about stripping the "e" from "enano" so it was like that. RAH is because I studied in Harvard and well is urban language. And 14 because it's my favorite number, I like it since Guti played with that number in Real Madrid and I really liked him
  19. SO...Spanish , studied in Harvard and likes guti ... Would you marry me sir ? :cornette:
  20. Spanish family...

    And well, I won't marry anyone right now, I've got girlfriend