#AskRobbie - Week 2: Who Would Robbie E Want Running TNA? More!

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    Question 1 QUESTION OF THE WEEK!: @graham_williams. asks: [email protected] #AskRobbie: Now that you're solo again, can we expect you to be going after X Division gold or is the world title in your sights?”


    Robbie: I am def. going after some gold for sure. I would love to be a 2 time X Division champ as well as a World Champion & seal the deal on having held all the titles at one point in TNA!!.

    Question 2:
    @gyonekura asks “What ever happened to your original tag partner Billy Bax and did you like being part of the Valedictorians?”


    Robbie: My former partner Bax has retired from wrestling and just had a child. I still talk to him and our career highlight was wrestling each other in the first round of the famous Super 8 Tournament!!

    Question 3: @justzombiemad asks: What would it mean to you if you were a #TriplecrownWinner and who would you take the #HeavyweightTitle off of?”


    Robbie: It would mean the world to me. Since I was a child I always wanted to be a World Champion!! I know that dream will come true. The help of the #boomsquad always helps!! I would
    love taking the title off of EC3!!

    Question 4: @ethancartertna asks: “Will you join my clique?”


    Robbie: No, because you are a closet scum bag that uses people and is fake.

    Question 5: @chrisGgreen asks: “who do you want to run TNA?"


    Robbie: I think it would be cool if Jeff Jarrett ran today!! He has been here since day one and has TNA in his blood!!

    Question 6: @Epjwednesday asks: “How will the @RobbieEImpact character further develop & build to more Championship Gold in TNA?"


    Robbie: I'm myself!! This is me. Just a different side of me. My competitive side is out. Pro wrestling is rough!! People forget I'm a pro wrestler. I do have a tough side!!

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