#AskRobbie - Week 3: Who Is Robbie's Biggest Life Influence? More!

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    Question 1: @ealfredo29 asks: [email protected] Who has made the biggest influence in your life? #AskRobbie.”


    Robbie: My fiancé for sure. She has stuck by me through it all. My bad times and good times. My soulmate and tag partner for life!

    Question 2:
    @xjahax asks [email protected] any plans to reunite with Rob Terry and bring back #TheList? #AskRobbie.


    Robbie: Never say never. We are still friends and he is still soooooo jacked!!!!

    Question 3: @sensational_LJ asks: @RobbieEImpact When are you gonna go for that grandslam, bro? #AskRobbie.”


    Robbie: I'm a former X Division, TV and Tag Team Champ. I'd love to be added to the short list of guys who have held every title!! It will happen sooner than later!!

    Question 4: @Barcoal13_king asks: “#AskRobbie @RobbieEImpact if you won the world heavyweight title who would be your chosen 1 contender?”


    Robbie: After I beat EC3 for the title I would love to beat his dad EC2.

    Question 5: @rachaellmaynard asks: [email protected] #AskRobbie if u wasn't a wrestler what would u be doing?"


    Robbie: Before I wrestled full time I was a high school Phys. Ed. and health teacher on the high school level!!

    Question 6: @mcguire7049_b asks: [email protected] which is your favorite place to visit: Bar A, Jenkinsons, or Martells Tiki Bar? #askrobbie."


    Robbie: None of the above!! Djais bro!!!!

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