Assasination attempt

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  1. The leader of Bulgaria‘s opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Ahmet Dogan, escaped an apparent assassination attempt Saturday while addressing a party congress in Sofia, local media reported.

    The attacker pointed a gun at Dogan, but was prevented from firing, according to the reports. While security wrestled with the attacker, Dogan was tackled to the ground by his bodyguards.

    The party, which mainly represents the Turkish minority in Bulgaria, had called the convention to elect a new leadership. Dogan, 58, has led the party since founding it in 1990.

    After taking part in the governing coalition, the party switched to the opposition following the 2009 elections, which were won by the conservative Gerb party of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

    Following reports of the attack, Borisov ordered Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov to attend the Movement for Rights and Freedoms congress, according to the website. dpa el bb npr Author: Elena Lalova

  2. When a leader speaks that leader dies
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  3. Can anyone translate what is being said in the video?
  4. Sorry if no one got to see the video. It was quickly taken down.

  5. Here it is.. Man that was massive.
  6. He got his ass kicked silly.
  7. Thanks for finding and posting. My links kept on breaking.
  8. He had a chance to pull the trigger, guess he couldn't go through with it.
  9. Looked like he chickened out at the last second, that beat-down was freaking hilarious :bitw:
  10. Lol he just gets kicked the shit out of at the end
  11. Not really, he had the safety switch still on, that's why he failed.

    The victim can consider himself damn lucky.
  12. Oh, didnt notice that.