Storyline At The Slammys.....

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  1. *B.Dazzle's music hits and the fans go wild. He walks through the curtain and the crowd gets louder. He walks down the aisle holding his I.C title belt. He walks up the steel steps, gets on the turnbuckle, and holds up the title, resulting in an even louder pop. B.Dazzle puts belts over his shoulders and grabs a mic. He's about to speak, but the fans begin chanting his name. He stops for a moment and looks out through the crowd. They hush and he begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: Next week, the IWT will present to all of you it's illustrious Slammy Awards show. At this show, B.Dazzle will be up for two awards. Breakout star of the year and will be apart of tag team of the year. There is another thing that will be taking place at the Slammy awards. Something far greater than a trophy. Something more prestigious than an award. That something is this IWT Intercontinental Championship belt. At the Slammy awards, B.Dazzle will be putting this belt up against the man with no name, the man who stole the original IWT belt, the man who B.Dazzle hasn't seen in a few weeks. That man goes by ???. This man has made it his flavor of the month to attack B.Dazzle. To hurt his well being, physically and mentally. This man is trying to get into B.Dazzle's mind. The problem is, B.Dazzle won't allow that to happen. The fact is this. You have something B.Dazzle plans to take back. B.Dazzle doesn't want to hold this belt, he wants to hold the belt of legends and history. He wants to hold the belt that Senhor Perfect kept for months. He wants the I.C belt that has a history to it. He wants it to make more history. To bring more prestige to it. This belt is a prop. It's not the real deal. ???, you haven't deserved the real I.C championship, but B.Dazzle is willing to give you this as an antique. Consider it a late present. Yeah holding this belt and not the belt you stole is going to remind you of your failures, but so what? B.Dazzle knows deep down that you can't beat him. These people know you can't beat him. Most importantly, you know you can't beat B.Dazzle. If you were confident in your abilities to beat him, you wouldn't try to take him out week after week before the big match. At The Slammy Awardes, B.Dazzle is going to unmask you for everyone to see what you truly are. A coward. A coward that hides in the shadows to scared to show face. Be Dazzled by B.Dazzle and always feel the Razzle Dazzle.

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and holds up his belt to a loud ovation.*

    OOC: @Sad News Slim Shady get your ass in this thread and start putting over this match. We got promoting to do with little over a week to go!
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  4. *Lights go out as this figure appears on the stage with white smoke surrounding him [​IMG], he holds the I-C Title on his shoulder*

    This mic. This mic is supposed to be a podium for truth, honesty, something you Dazzle and everyone here lacks, your idea of me is a disgruntled former IWT employee who feels the need to use his talents to target IWT and yourself but I assure you Dazzle I am much much more than that, you know nothing of me or my past but let me assure you I am not the man I used to be, I am not the same man who stood on this stage and claimed dominance over IWT or the same man who pandered to each and everyone of these fans, I am a god who's power is yet to be shown.

    Dazzle I pity you I really do, I feel sorry for you mainly due to the fact you make this paper championship and pretend to have honour, It really infuriates me and at The Slammy's in just ONE WEEK, My christmas arrives, I take what is rightfully mine, I prove to you and everyone else what a disgusting pathetic excuse of a human being you are and I prove I am god.

    *The lights flicker, Dazzle looks around the ring and BANG he hit over the head by @Nano , Nano stomps on him, @gav the chav runs out to attack ????, Gav starts stomping on him but Nano runs up the ramp and attacks Gav, he grabs him and throws him off the stage falling to the concrete, Dazzle is running up the ramp and dives onto Nano's back taking him down but ??? kicks Dazzle in the skull, Nano gets up and holds Dazzle up, ??? slaps him and Nano throws him onto the ramp, Nano gets down on his knees and prays to ????, ??? walks off backstage followed by Nano*

    OOC: Not much of a promo, trying to save stuff for the match.​
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