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    The desperadoes show up on the screen. Sitting in what looks like a sky bar on top of a skyscraper, both dressed in fine silk suits. The tag team championships and Midas’ European title resting on a table between them with a bunch of drinks, ladies in fine dresses hanging off of their shoulders. Lee is seen in the background chatting up another pretty lady. Midas leans a bit towards the camera.

    Hello IWT fans and locker room. We’re coming to you live from this fancy little sky bar which I own in central Las Vegas. You see me and my boys are here to celebrate a fairly successful Summerslam. Another belt added to the collection, another man in the ranks. Overall I’d say it was a good night. But we did not get any challengers for the tag team titles, which has us a bit upset.

    So we sat down and talked it through as responsible gentlemen, and figured that the easiest solution was this: We do not want to go two straight ppvs without a defense, so at Night of Champions: We issue an open challenge.

    That means that any team under IWT contract can step up to the plate. And if there are multiple teams, well… settle it amongst yourselves. We’ll be waiting for the hungriest of you at Night of Champions. The moment we grabbed these belts, my Midas touch spread throughout the division. Any tag team match is guaranteed money, that’s something you can take to the stock broker. We’ll be at Night of Champions, that’s a guarantee. The question is: Who shows up to face us?

    Stay money IWT, stay money.

    *the feeds cuts out*
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  2. Michael walks out to a pop, sadly not as big as Marcus Anthony's. He walks down to the ring completely ignoring Midas and Andrew on the Titantron. A ring side assistant brings him a microphone as he taps the mic to see if it's on. He ignores Andrew and solely focuses on Midas, he begins to speak.

    Michael: For weeks, I've kept myself isolated, and away from the commonality. Though you're not a common man, you're a very affluent man. I couldn't stay disengaged from the IWT for much longer. I've been waiting for this opportunity for months, and I finally get the chance to show The NEW Generation is far more superior than one half, the ONLY half of The Generation still least until The New Generation rips you apart with the winds of change, and finishes you with New Blood. I don't care how many times you've touched something because at the end of the day..touching isn't going to get you anywhere, and when The New Generation debilitates you both, we'll leave you in a cavity of your own blood and waste. We're a raging storm that grows everyday.

    Michael paces around the ring while looking at the Titantron.

    Michael: The New Generation is sad to inform you that Night of Champions won't just be the end of your title reign", but it will be the end of The Desperadoes. Like your money, you'll become an inflated and unworthy piece of rubbish because not only will you be left broken and destroyed, but you'll be left...lifeless, and extraneous. You can tell people to "stay money" but a better suggestion would be to run. The New Generation is rising, and killing The Desperadoes will be....PHASE 3.

    Michael stares blankly at Midas as he says.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All.
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  3. bWo come out and stop on top of the ramp. JONES has a mic in his hand while Muuuftah starts flexing for the fans and Danny Jacobs is pacing back and for quite quickly

    JONES: Cut the fucking music!

    Well, well, well. You all know us by now, and if you don't, my name is JONES and I'm here along side Muuuftah and my designated partner, Danny Jacobs. What better way to make our anticipated debut than to take the Tag Team Titles on our first night. The Real men plan to take all the titles up for grabs, and you two seem like easy first pickings for the bWo. But unfortunately, it looks like there's a problem, TNG are in the wrong place... at the wrong time.

    JONES directs his attention towards Michael

    JONES: Bad luck son, you've pissed off people you don't want to piss off. If getting to the champs means running through you and your so called "New Generation" then so be it. Because to me, it looks like bWo are the next generation in IWT. We're taking over. The fact that you're even out here is hilarious, even bWo knows you are nothing. Hell, these fans seem as stupid as you right now. You can boo us now, but you'll be begging us for a picture in the airport and a signature you can sell on eBay any time now, and we'll to you to shove it up your ass.

    So Desperadoes, when that's all done, you better be ready. Because we're not fucking about. bWo's reign of terror and dominance begins once we take away your Tag Team Titles.

    JONES walks back up and hands the mic over to Muuuftah
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  4. Muuuftah grabs the mic from JONES

    When we came to IWT we knew we'd be dealing with a bunch of Steffano's... but what is presented in front of us makes me sick... it makes me want to puke. If the new generation is stood in the ring then cut me some fuckin' slack cause this is just plain pathetic. The thought of you thinking that you have a chance at becoming tag teams champions show's that you lack intelligence. Y'see as I mention before, the bWo have wrestled a lot of countries and we've never seen anything as sad and pathetic as you.. now get the fuck outta my ring.

    Muuuftah pauses for a second before addressing The Desperadoes.

    Desperadoes, you listen to what I'm about to say... We announced that we own this business and since you seem business savy let The Big Bad Booty Daddy cash a check against your name... When we say we're going to do something we mean it, when we say we're going to take your titles you best fuckin' believe it cause we aren't messing around. It's time for those IWT tag team championship to know what it feels like to be with real men and come Night of Champions they're gonna know that feeling.

    Stay classy, stay bready.
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  5. The crowd begins chanting: "British Kid" and "Pain"
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  6. Michael laughs before his smile slowly sifts to a stern stare.

    Michael: JONES, you claim The New Generation arose at the wrong time, and at the wrong place. Well if you ask me, I'd saw we arrived at the perfect time. Not only do we get to see what FTJ's EBW bag boys look like, but we also get a good look at what the circus is going to offer for the next month. All kidding aside, you two are not "Real Men" because "Real Men" fight, earn and claw for what they have, and I think the only thing you guys did was barge out here claiming you're taking over because you wrestled at some over seas FSW house show. Unlike most people, The New Generation isn't very apologetic when it comes to sub par, new age Nero Kousaki's. We're not here to cater to ineligible tramps as you two. We're here to carve a Path for the proficient new comers.

    Michael looks over to Muuuftah.

    Michael: Your poor attempts at comedy are as bad as your Scott Steiner impersonation actually, there both the same thing. To claim this is "your" ring is like The Desperadoes claiming they're still relevant. It's just a straight up misrepresentation of anything truthful. You pour your time, blood and sweat in this ring, and maybe...just maybe can you lay claim to this squared circle. The IWT isn't about flaunting your affluence is people faces or waving your lies as if they're the truth. The truth of the matter is, you're not and never will be able to occupy the IWT with your poor man's Scott Steiner shtick. In fact, the only thing that can actually be stated as the truth in what you just said is that you aren't messing around. *Michael laughs* You actually think that you have what it takes to become an IWT champion at some stage in your career. If I actually fostered to your non-existent potential, I wouldn't disagree but regrettably I must apprise that you're just another rodent in The New Generation's path, and you won't just be left decapitated, but you'll be left with a noxious reminder of what happens when you step in the middle of a raging storms path without preparedness

    Michael mocks Muuufath by flexing and slowly lifting his "peaks" up to his lips to kiss them.
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  7. *Although, to the crowd's disappointment, the theme they heard, was of Pain's challenger in a few days, rather than Pain. Alkatz.
    He walks next to Michael with his own mic.*

    Awwwww. Crap... Did I cut off your little hero? See that little british ****, aint coming out here, as long as I am out here. I tell ya what, that guys balls, shrivel up smaller than his win to loss ratio when he see's this man.

    *The crowd drops a heavy boo on the new TNG member*

    Know your place, morons. The God is talking.

    Now. Muuuftar.

    *The crowd begin to laugh at Alkatrz lack of understanding*

    Do I hear you and your little ass munchkin, braging. Cos boy. I fuckin haaate bragging. Especially when it is coming from 2 slack jawed jerk offs, who aint shiet!

    *Alkatrz swings his head with a sloppy laugh, looking at Michael then at Muuuftah again*

    Word of advice Jack. You stay out my way, or I make you pay.
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  8. 10/10 good thread needs more kebab removing, though.
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  9. Chris Kaizer doesn't even bother sleeping during this segment.
  10. Alias: This is some beastiality shit.
  11. bestiality* :sandow:
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  12. Lol no
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  13. As soon as the music hits the crowd pops, Pain himself is a little surprised because he's used to being boo'd at/

    He stands at the entrance way
    "When these guys cheer for me, you just know that it's getting desperate"
    He chuckles and starts walking down the ramp still talking.
    "The only reason I waited this long was so that I wouldn't have to waste my breath talking to all of you but since that growth over there called my partner the C-Word"
    Pain makes a face :sad:.

    "I had to come out and just point some simple things out to all y'all hill billies that just don't get it."
    He climbs into the ring and looks around just shaking his head.

    "Now I am only going to say this once so... pay attention okay kiddos. Good boys!"

    He taps his chin as if he was thinking hard and a smirk breaks. He points to Michael.

    "We beat you and your little croney at SummerSlam"

    He looks at bWo.

    "Who are you?"

    He just shakes his head and looks at Alkatrz.

    "I'm not sure how much of this is going to get through the steroid riddled brain of yours but... what the hell is your problem? I mean, you have a match with me, and when I beat you it would be the perfect end to The New Generation, you and"
    He points to Michael
    "Ar- sorry, Michael, is that what you're calling yourself this week? Sorry man I can't keep track of all these names, I'm no rocket scientist."

    He smiles and looks straight into the camera.

    "Oi. Desparados, I know you're busy with your strippers and the champagne but I also know you are watching. You're the champs, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to fight any of these guys, let's face it, people like staying champs but you know what, I've got a feeling unlike these... vermin, that you two have balls. and If you have the balls to put those title on the line at NoC, you can have an easy match"

    He looks around the ring.

    "Or you can face a team that actually has a win under its belt. It's your call, defend the title against them, or defend it against a team that will actually give you a fight and not lay down for the 3 count"

    He drops his hand getting ready to walk back out but looks at Akatrz and smiles before bringing the mic back up.

    "Oh, and I'm from Toronto - Smeghead"

    He walks out of the ring and up the entrance way as his music blasts.​
  14. OOC: So are Shadow and Stop gonna choose who they want to face?
  15. The titantron comes back on. Showing the Desperadoes still sitting comfortably in the sky bar, gorgeous women in their laps.

    Well now! Ain't this a turn out? Seems like quite a few teams want to get a shot at the men at the top of the mountain. But you know what they say: three's a crowd, and four is over crowded. But I have a suggestion for how to solve this.

    I suggest, a triple threat tag team match. All three teams out there right now, face off in a match. The winning team, faces me and Andrew at Night of Champions. And the other two? Well they face off at Night of Champions in a number one contenders match for the next PPV. In fact, that sounds like a great idea! And being the generous genius that I am: I'll have the paperwork made out and sent to @Trip in the Head so all he has to do is sign on the dotted line and it is official.

    We look forward to seeing which one of you six that get to step into the ring at Night of Champions.

    Stay golden fellas, stay golden.

    The tron fades to black once more.
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  16. when would this match be? I got one on the 3rd, I think atleast...
  17. I figured you guys could talk it through so it fits you all. Just so it's done before the 15th
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  18. @CM Punk

    You wanna sub in to tag with Tumbas?
  19. I don't know if the @The ReagMaster is going to check this out but tagging him, Can I go solo on the triple threat if he doesn't show? or do I need to find a partner?
  20. i will be there
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