Attendance: a sign of the times or a bad omen?

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  1. That's a huge drop even with a much better product. The only good news is WWEs attendance dropped as well. Hopefully there will be an upswing soon, I don't want TNA to be a casualty to poor attendance as they're really starting to get good.
  2. 40% drop is huge. Hopefully this is a wake up call for Dixie and the management. 581 is what ROH and Chikara draw, ffs... And Chikara is not even on national TV.
  3. Goes back to what many have said: marketing. Drop Bob's huge contract and use the money to promote the company. You still have name recognition with Hardy, Angle, Sting, etc.
  4. Wrestling just isn't very popular anymore, at least not as popular as it was, say, 10 years ago.
  5. And better name recognition than Rob flipping Van Dam.
  6. ECW marks still love RVD. It has to be the only reason they're keeping the X-Division belt on him, isn't it? To get the ECW marks to watch? Tell me thats why :please:
  7. Attendance drops and rises, depending on the year. It's just something that happens. However, 40% is a pretty big drop, and I think the explanation is that a lot of people don't put enough faith into TNA, since they're still a small promotion and aren't really as established as WWE is. (A scarier explanation is that a huge of the audience preferred the retarded booking of Vince Russo than the more logical booking it has now and tuned out when Russo was fired back in March or whenever.) With WWE they have a locked-on audience and a huge chunk of them will always watch because they're such an established brand name. They'd have to be shit for a long, long time for audience attendance to drop in a big, big way.
  8. Yeah, TNA should invest in marketing, it'd help them a lot.