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    Anybody here else me Attitude Era...FAN!?

    If so, then let's discuss in this thread.

    What was the best match you had ever watched in Attitude Era?
  2. Cena v Khali

  3. Well you're a little late. The attitude era has been discussed on here thoroughly IIRC. And just one match? Hmmm, thats tough. So many to choose from. Stone Cold vs the Rock was my favorite pairing I think.
  4. Stone Cold vs Bret Hart- Wrestlemania 13
    Any Three way ladder match/TLC between Dudley Boys, Hardys and E&C
    Austin vs HHH 3 stages of hell in 2001
    Shane McMahon vs Kurt Angle KOTR 2001
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  5. Mine was, Steve Austin V/s Mick Foley, King of the Ring 1998 Finale.
  6. KOTR 1998 was when Taker fought Foley in HIAC
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  7. Damn good choice. Quote from Wikipedia - "The submission match between Hart and Austin was placed #1 on IGN's list of Top 20 Matches in Wrestlemania History, and described as a match that "launched an era."
  8. definitely one of my 5 favorite matches of all time. The build, the match itself and of course dat finish.
  9. I should go back and watch some of those classics again. Of course, with WWE 2K14 I can play them out myself!
  10. How is the gameplay in 2k14? It sounds like there are a lot of cool features but it was always gameplay that made me hate recent WWE games.
  11. I'm not getting it until later today, but I think @Danielson has played it some already. Sounded cool.
  12. I read what he had said and I think all the game modes sound cool, but again, the gameplay in recent wrestilng games just turns me off. But I can put in any number of Smackdown titles from PS2 or even WCW games on my N64 and enjoy them 100X more
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  13. The 8.7 review from IGN is promising for WWE2k14. I think 2K will work over the next year to hammer out a lot of the core issues like the lackluster AI and the bland commentary.

    I'll buy the game digitally at some point when I feel I can put GTA V down for a bit.
  14. I might get it if I can find it on sale after Thanksgiving or something. for now I just bought NBA 2k14.
  15. Ohhhh yeah... black Friday sales. Last year I think WWE '13 was only $20-30 on Black Friday.
  16. Steve Austin/Bret Hart's Submission Match from Wrestlemania 13
    Steve Austin/The Rock for the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 17
    TLC Match between Dudleyz/Hardyz/Edge and Christian at Wrestlemania 17
    Undertaker/Mankind's HIAC Match at King Of The Ring 1998
    Steve Austin/Bret Hart/Undertaker/Vader's Final Four Match at Final Four (February 1997 In Your House)
    The Rock/HHH's Ladder Match For the IC Title at Summerslam 1998
    The Rock/Mankind's I Quit Match for the WWF Title at Royal Rumble 1999
    The Rock/Mankind's Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWF Title on the Halftime Heat show
    The Rock/HHH's WWF Title Match at Backlash 2000
    The Rock/HHH's Iron Man Match for the WWF Title at Judgment Day 2000
    Steve Austin/The Rock's IC Title Match at D-Generation-X (December 1997 In Your House)
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  17. You listed basically all my favorites @KLockard23 - well played.
  18. The match that made me start really loving wrestling was Brett Hart vs Stone Cold in the submission match. You had stone cold, who would never give up, against the excellence of execution. Stone Cold was put in that sharp shooter, blood pouring down his face, dripping through his teeth, screaming his ass off. He passes out and in defeat is instantly the toughest SOB wrestling has ever seen.
  19. the rock vs mankind pink slip on a pole match