Attitude Versus PG

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  1. Attitude era

  2. PG era

  1. As i am someone who startd watching WWE back when it still had an f on the end of it and stone cold and the rock where the top guys i personally prefer the attitude era.

    So the question is what does everyone on here prefer and why? Attitude era or PG era?
  2. I don't see how anyone who has watched both "eras" would pick ''PG'' over the AE. Sure, there's been some good moments and it's getting better as of late but still... I'd say 75%+ of this current era has been boring and shit.
  3. I think it depends some people started watching now then looked back and watched the old stuff and liked it but probably prefered the current stuff.
  4. The fanbase was just more electric back then.
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  5. Eh yeah good point
  6. The fans in general were different back then. Heard someone point out that when they were watching the corporate storyline and Austin faced Rock, going into the PPV they thought "Go Stone Cold!", while now those very same fans are like "Will be great to see DB win, but it would be better to stretch the angle out longer. And hey, we'll get a 5 star match between the two, so why complain!?"
  7. No offence to the Original Poster but why does this discussion always come up? Its such an obvious question.
  8. I enjoyed the evening gown matches and the like back in the day. The divas were better period. Hardcore matches too. No place for that stuff in the PG world.
  9. Yeah, you can't do what gets Divas over in PG, if you know what I mean
  10. Oh I do. I still remember when The Kat flashed her titties on Raw. God that was awesome.
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  11. For sure, ATITUDE ERA!
  12. It was the armageddon ppv when we actually got to see dem tits. I rented it back in the day :obama: :woo1:
  13. Aw shit. Well I should've known it was a PPV. Titties on live cable tv? What was I thinking!?
  14. She teased it on raw a bunch though before the ppv.
  15. Would have explained that, but had to wait for Danny's sixth sense to kick in...

    *Danny logs in, looks at the "latest threads... all of a sudden this one turns pink in his eyes*
    "Ah-ha! Somebody's discussing titties in there!"

    So he runs in, sees inaccuracy and immediately corrects when said titties came flying out, and then we get to see the Kate Upton gif.
    Everybody wins! :yay:
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  16. That fucking gif rocks!
  17. The 80's/early - mid 90's were PG as well (though the umbrella term for those times wasn't PG), so, I am not sure if this thread is just made by a youngin' who started watching wrestling during the AE (not a diss, just saying), but, if this is just covering AE and the current PG product, I would have to go with the Attitude Era. If we are talking PG wrestling in general, 80's for LIFE.
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  18. I missed the 80s was only born in 89 so i meant the current PG era.
  19. Current PG.

    HHH is not a bad guy.
  20. I missed the attitude era.. So I voted PG :troll: