Ring of Honor Austin Aries returns to ROH

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  1. I think we all knew this would happen with the way ROH have been bringing former talents back. but Good deal though for ROH
  2. Now this is big news. Hopefully they establish him as a heel because I think that's where he is needed the most in current day ROH. Aries vs Cole feud plz
  3. If they're smart they'll put the title on him ASAP.
  4. I'm honestly not sure which belt I would take off of Lethal to put on Aries. Lethal has a lot of momentum and has earned a world title run. I'd probably have Kyle win the tv belt off of Lethal somehow and then have Aries steal that off of Kyle. The TV belt actually has value and has been booked well for the past year so its not like Aries being given low hanging fruit.

    Also, please come back with based black wednesday theme
  5. Well, that's fucking nice to hear!
  6. That's actually the dumbest thing for them to do.. TNA has been criticized for that for year's and you want ROH to do that? No, they have better guys who should be champion.
  7. Aries is already 2 time ROH World Champion and 17 million times better than Lethal. Aries is a ROH legend, something Lethal will never become.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. According to Aries' twitter, The Trinidad (TNA's Rosita) is coming with him.
  10. :idk:why
  11. Because they b banging
  12. Ah, OK. It would be my first guess. :dawg:
  13. Wow, I'm surprised. Good stuff.
  14. Aries makes his return.