Austin says he's healthy to wrestle

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  1. Punk vs. Austin WM 29, expect it.
  2. Um, you said you were retired, not us
  3. Would rather him face Miz and let Punk further establish himself as a face. Austin back would be great though.
  4. OH HELL YES!!

    Good, good news. I'm soo happy to hear this. Can't wait to hear the glass break and see Stone Cold open a can of whoop ass on Punk.
  5. Very, very nice. Just waiting to see the feud and match between him and Punk them :pity:
  6. I agree with you, but I wouldn't mind seeing The Miz vs The Rock feud for SummerSlam.
  7. Would rather Miz face Rock and Austin vs Punk as it's a dream match (Austin and Punk).
  8. Yeah, I see where your coming from but since Brock's back everyone including myself wants to see Brock vs The Rock now.
  9. Punk/Austin has to happen just because I don't think two gimmicks have ever matched up more perfectly for a feud.
  10. Eww no way. Sure it'd be entertaining but two mega stars should put over some fucking talent instead of facing each other, that helps no one apart from Vince's wallet.

    Edit: That's why I want it too Dolph, the symbol of alcohol vs the straight edge saviour, it'd be so much win.
  11. If you ran WWE you wouldn't do the same? Because I know I would. He's init for the money I don't blame him as everyone who runs a business is init for the money, obviously. I want to see The Rock vs Brock so do so many wrestling fans, so if I was Vince I'd do it as the fans would be happy and I'd be happy cause I'd be making big notes.
  12. In an ideal world I'd like to see something like this for Mania 29 :

    Miz Vs. Austin ( Miz gets cemented as a major heel by beating Steve)
    Rock Vs. Ziggler ( These two have the same arrogance)
    Jericho Vs. Ambrose
    Punk Vs. Brock

    I've never been a huge fan of the whole two biggest stars colliding rather I like to see everyone with a long term future be put over by these older guys. I can see why people are saying Punk Austin but Punk would have to edge over to being a heel which whilst entertaining could cause damage to his face persona, especially as he is longer the straight edge saviour.) That's why I've put him against Brock as he could stay face add a bit more aggression back into to beat the big bad monster.
  13. Nope I wouldn't, you can have bigger buy rates with more awesome matches than just one, and a better product. Brock vs Rock will get good buys, but then what happens next year when they both leave?

    I agree with them having to think about the future here, completely. I disagree that Punk has to go heel, I think he would probably get more boos but he won't get flat out boo's, even if he did he can just step back to the edgy face not a heel. I don't see why anyone would want him to stay as he is.

    I'd have it as:

    Rock vs Miz (Great chemistry, they have a past, promos would be fantastic)
    Brock vs Cena (Simple, two massive faces of the company collide)
    Punk vs Austin (Dream match)
    WWE TItle match: Jericho vs Ziggler
    Foley vs Ambrose

  14. Worst choice of matches, in the history of IWC threads related to this.

    I would seriously film myself crying and upload it to Youtube if that's what we will get to see.

    Ambrose, by the way, has not even debuted yet, why rush him against Jericho?

    Punk vs. Brock - Wouldn't work, what the hell made you think that this match is worth watching compared to Austin/Punk?

    Rock vs. Ziggler - No, just, just no. (Unless they let Ziggler go over)

    Miz vs. Austin - Same thing with the Brock/Punk match, people have been talking about Miz/Rock and you come up with this one, the only match Austin would fit in between these superstars is him vs. Punk.

    Punk was boo'd every week and Cena was the one getting cheered like hell, tell me how just suddenly it twisted around and Cena was the one getting boo'd? No damage no shit.

    He is Straight Edge and that will be his gimmick for years to come, considering he has a "real-life" gimmick, so it doesn't really matter if he's a "saviour" or not, he's still Straight Edge and him vs. Austin would be a perfect combination and that'd definitely be better than Cena/Rock.

    Nailed it right on the spot.
  15. When they leave, you simply push the younger talent and with the money you made from WM 29, you use that to hire 2 old guys and WM 30 put over two younger talents say Ziggler and The Miz then as they currently have nothing do to, at the moment.

    You can also make do with what you've got say Wade Barrett vs Triple H, who wouldn't want to see that? Imagine Wade's promo's. Him defeating Triple H would just add more greatness to his career.

    Wade Barrett vs Triple H
    Brock Lesnar vs The Rock: WWE Title Match
    John Cena vs The Undertaker: Streak Match
    CM Punk vs Stone Cold
    Ziggler vs Mick Foley: Hell In a Cell

    That's a match card without The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan,etc. Imagine creating a match for example a 6 way for the World Heavyweight Championship added to that to fill in the missing stars, wouldn't that be good? It's just an idea.
  16. WM 29 they HAVE to start building new stars IMHO. They've spent the last two years having HHH/Taker going at it, and Rock vs Cena. If they have Brock, Rock, & Austin at their disposal, they need to be used to put over younger talent.
  17. Looking at it from a business prospective I don't think we'll see the end of big stars colliding as they bring in ratings and buys.
  18. Having them on the card is good enough IMO. Having Punk/Austin would draw a ton, then put Rock against someone like Miz and Brock against a talented younger guy and no way the buy rates don't come. By continuing to match up legend against legend or an already made man like Cena and leaving the younger talent in shit matches or off the card you are putting your future in serious jeopardy. Sooner or later you have to stop depending on dusting off the last generation of stars to sell Wrestlemanias
  19. I think they're going to start at WM 30, since they've got Brock in their hands and The Rock, I'm sure they would give what a lot of people want to see like The Brock vs The Rock. I'm not saying that they shouldn't put over younger talent, it's just what the people want to see, I guess. I wouldn't mind seeing The Miz go at it with a big gun as he's really talented it's just that we would want to see it one last time since the fans have been real patient and we haven't got anything really due to WWE's booking, etc.
  20. Worst choice really? Also I'm not sure why you'd want to film you're self crying for YouTube but if that's your deal feel free.

    Ambrose - This is a years time and he needs some one to go over to make him credible, Jericho is that man.

    Punk Vs. Brock - Punk would have to be the heel which does harm to him as a face and how does this feud come about? The respect storyline holds 0 chance as it's not either man's style. How else do they do a face vs face in the modern era? This way Punk gets the chance to go over the unstoppable corporate monster heel. What happens after Punk Austin? Punk won't have progressed if he wins, would he?

    Miz Vs. Austin - These two are the polar opposites needed to spark a feud, Miz the arrogant suit wearing young heel ( Which is needed who is the top heel now? A 40 year old injury prone Henry?) vs the brash in your face beer drinking Austin. It works, plus you can cement Miz as the top heel.

    Ziggler Vs. Rock. - See above you need another credible heel to be built. These two are similar with the arrogant ways they carry themselves which could produce gold.

    The reason the business is in this shit heap currently is the old faces didn't put over the new, look at previous Wrestlemania Main events over the past 7/8 years ( Cena vs HHH, Cena vs HBK, Batista Vs. Cena, Hogan Vs. Rock, Cena Vs. Batista) only Miz, Cena and Batisa have broken the rule they're all established stars battling which causes the business to become stale as no one is given a shot at becoming the next man. Punk Vs. Austin is another one of these matches where no one looks better but Punk beating Brock does him a world of good as he can stay within him alignment due to Brock being the corporate heel. This is a rebuilding Wrestlemania also because no one sees the comparisons' I can't want to see the matches? People have compare Ziggler to Flair but I sure as hell would rather him face Rock. This is also in my ideal world.