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  1. to make randys posts reasonable, we should have a way to translate posts that are illegible into something we can all make sense of. Not just randy, this will also help when "people" (mostly me) are wasted on here ranting. Lets do it.
  2. we had one that stops all caps lock but randy hacked it and somehow it only didn't work for him so it became pointless. about the grammar, we do have one small one which only fixes would have to would've or something like that.
  3. im talking about the posts like the ones in my sig. I know what he meant, but i have to read most of the posts two, sometimes three times to really ashley get it.
  4. well, that's just impossible. not even google can translate that.

    we could have one person who always posts after Randy posts translating Randy's post into English. signup here if you're up for it.
  5. You're his advisor, step up. Ill post but will translate to my liking. 1 Vote for either of us.
  6. i tried doing it in the pipebomb section.

    this is how it turned out.
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    randy getting confused.
  7. i read it 4 times and still dont know what hearth it meant.
  8. we could just ask him to tout or record his replies and post it.
  9. I added something in javascript a while ago which added "translation: " and a manually entered translation to the end of some of his posts, but he didn't take kind to it.
  10. I suggest talk to text for him a few times, but im pretty sure im on his ignore list, along with blffl. One i am happy about, the other one makes me half laugh, half cry.
  11. Lmao I remember this, was too funny.

    Anyway, not really possible, not fair to tamper with his posts or any other posts. We have the would of (<-- example) one, but that's just because Blank gets sick and tired of people doing that wrong.
  12. laugh at him failing. :lol1:

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    happened to me also. :sad:
  13. Lol FML. It's getting re-added in a minute, so we'll both be succeeding in life again :boss1:
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