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  1. Ok guys, since we have not heard back from many of you yet on availability for what days you can do matches during Uprising I thought I might try this. Please use the link below and respond soon. It will only take a minute.

    We can't really get a card together and announce it if we don't know when you guys can do your matches. And this way your responses will be recorded in an easy to read format so hopefully we don't have to keep asking every show. So here goes. Trying a mass IWT tag. Sorry if I missed you. If you know anyone active I missed tag them in here please.

    @DK James
    @Aids the King Wizard
    @Dat Kid
    @CM Punk
    @Gav the Champ!
    @Hollywood Jwab

    Use this form please - http://goo.gl/forms/10abgujNmc

    The sooner this gets done the sooner we can organize and announce a card. If we don't here from you then you really have no right to bitch about not being on the card (unless I missed you).
  2. I'm assuming this is on Uprising week (23rd being monday).

    Filled under that assumption :) let me know if it isn't for some reason and I'll re-fill.

    Tagging @Tumbas and @TheArabHammer because i think you missed them on the list :)
  3. Yes, for this coming uprising. And yeah, I did miss them. Oops
  4. you also missed me, but don't worry.. Your hero is here.
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  5. god damn it
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  6. I had kind of forgotten about that, but it still didn't sound like a final decision to me personally. If thats what you guys want we can certainly work it out though. Show opener even. Noice
  7. I'm open to whenever.
  8. I'm open anytime.
  9. I added both of you guys to the spreadsheet manually then.
  10. In the time it spent you typing "i'm available anytime" you could have just clicked the link and ticked the box... :facepalm:
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  11. Incorrect. Some people type faster than others. While going to the Google forum thingy might take more time due to slower internet speed.

    I typed the message faster than it took to fill out the sheet.
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  12. Should have known you would have some smart arse reply
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  13. I sometimes feel like Delik just hates life
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  14. I love life ty 4 the concern
  15. Well, when you make a dumb "arse" remark....
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  16. [​IMG]

    Salads are good for you.