Storyline Awaiting the Raging Bull

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  1. Michael is backstage sitting alone with the FTW World Heavyweight Championship. He's wearing a suit and tie, sitting up straight on a bench in the locker room. He has a look of anxiety on his face as he looks forward to his opponent.

    Michael: I finally won. I'm gonna say it right here, right now. I did what even myself doubted myself to do and that was finally win a match...I'm pretty damn proud of it. *Michael looks up from the ground and has an angered look on his face* I'm quite honestly ecstatic of the fact that I won a damn match. What I'm even more happier about is my good friend, Trip, winning his Semi-Final match. What makes me even happier than that...the fact that my good friend, Trip, IS going to sacrifice his opportunity for the title at WrestleMania III to me. It makes me quiver in happiness that he will lay down in the middle of the ring, in front of 10s of thousands of people in attendance and millions watching around the globe to sacrifice his opportunity for me. Thus making the European Title mine...something that I'll be very proud to own around my waist just as the FTW World Heavyweight Title. But this whole sacrifice isn't JUST going to be sour grapes. I mean when I risked my life to save HIS life, I got a loyal friend. So in return for his sacrifice I'll continue the lineage of the FTW World Heavyweight granting it to Trip.

    Michael lets out a cocky laugh and claps his hands together.

    Michael: Come March 30th, 2015 - I will be the European Title and Trip will be the FTW World Heavyweight Champion. The Influence will prove to be something greater than what we originally imagined. We won't just be a sanctuary for those rejected by the cruel, greedy and violent outsiders...but we will be a mine of glory. Glory is what everyone wants...let me ask you! Would you rather die at the hands of a Cancerous tumor in a hospital hooked up to noisy machines, having no say in whether to let you die in your own home or not? Or die in the final battle for the Independence of your own people? I know which I would choose - do you? You can die with a machine down your throat - being treated than less of a man and by supporting the outsiders. Or you can die with the glory of being a war hero - kneeling to The Influence.

    Michael grows angrier and angrier.

    Michael: I await the outcome of the New Age WrestleMania. For the first time ever we don't have old hags like...*He says with a disgusted face* Dat Kid or Aids Johnson in the main event. We have true talent in the ring. We have those that have proved themselves...sure I'm not one to say that I proved myself but one thing is for sure...I'll make my mark on this company. It starts with a single win...but it will branch off to a dynasty matched by no other. I await the one to storm me up this mountain - I will get to the top. All I have to do is await the raging bull that lies ahead of me.