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  1. *Marcus Anthony wakes up in an empty warehouse tied up against a support beam his mouth gagged. He wonders "how the fuck did I get here? Where am I?" The cameraman is also next to him but who is controlling the camera?*
  2. *the camera zooms in and out obnoxiously on Marcus' face while a faint giggle is heard.*

    "I see you! You look shocked... Well, I am honestly ashamed of myself. I didn't tidy up before my guest arrived. Ah shucks! *Marcus notices a lot of cats walking around him, just staring at him.* Don't be so surprised to learn I live in an abandoned warehouse. After the stunt FTJ pulled, finding work for myself wasn't easy. Yet, I am sure you know that whole story. That is just old news. I had to find something to occupy my mind however. The voices became boring. The cats became over fed. I seen you, I been watching you... And realized, I found my new hobby. You are a weak man. Consuming alcohol before and after matches non-stop. Trying to escape a reality. The reality being that you do in fact need help. But I am not here to sober you up. I am not here to be the savior. I am here to make you what you should be. A true villain. You never knew the meaning of hate. I want you to embrace it. I want you to let it mold you. I know you have it in you. Others see you as a push over with empty threats and a can of beer. I want to change that, if for any other reason then amusing myself, I'd be a liar. So what do you say? *walks up to Marcus and rips off the rag from his mouth* Are you going to let me play this game? Or will I have to resort to violence?"
  3. OOC- Wait, is this gonna turn into one of those really freaky pornos where the girl dominates the guy and stick dildos up his ass and all?
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  4. made me LOL no no, its just my character. I am a crazy cat lady. lol think catwoman meets joker lol
  5. OOC- I find Catwoman hot...and sometimes the Joker, wait what?
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. She didn't even sign a contract agreement first!
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  8. Let me go you crazy bitch. You know nothing about me or what I am. I swear you better pray I don't get my hands on you!
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  9. President Obama: Is this Gitmo or something?
  10. "We will do this the hard way then..."

    *camera cuts out*
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  11. *slides big dildo up Arabs ass.

    Thanks for the idea BJ.
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  12. *Marcus wakes up still tied up but this time he battered and bruised. Every attempt he makes to move the restraint gets tighter.*

    "I give up. My resistance to you is futile. The more I fight against this, the worse I feel. The pain worsens. The rage inside me burns brighter than the whitest of flames. My body is fueled by adrenaline and I crave nothing more than to cause the pain and suffering I feel to others. Britanica, *Marcus lowers his head* I am your weapon to use.
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  13. OOC- Okay, I was right!
  14. OOC: if I was so lucky then yes lol
  15. * Britanica smirks*

    "This is only the beginning."

    *She unties the cameraman and Marcus, the cameraman makes a dash for the door but the door seems to be locked*

    "...I forgot what I was going to do with you. Meh... I'll save you for another time."

    *She pulls out a small tranquilizer gun and hits him right in the neck, he passes out quickly*
    *The camera feed dies for good with Britanica facing Marcus*
  16. OOC: Camerman must be Heath Slater
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Always slater