ayyy lmao

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Trevor~, May 25, 2014.

  1. Name: Trevor
    Age: 16
    Favourite Superstar & Why: Dean Ambrose, because he does drugs and doesn't care about his pyshical well being. He's also really weird.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: Since 2007
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE
    How did you find the site? A red haired emo
    Will I be active here: Who knows

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  2. Red haired emo ayyyy lmao.

    Welcome clever Trev.
  3. Dean Ambrose?:happy:
    Welcome to site, hope you enjoy it here!
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  4. nice title
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  5. shots fired
  6. Thanks babe I like yours too
  7. Tension is already building..... Welcome Trevor! iWo >>>
  8. Thought this was a random drunk Hannah thread.
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  9. Leave.
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  10. Oh no this guy. No.
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  11. Welcome to the forums. Hope you have the best of times and please stay active and join in on discussions when possible.
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  12. My reaction to Trev joining:
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  13. Are you the Trevor banned form a certain larger forum?

    Anyways welcome and hope you enjoy it here.
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  14. if you're taking about TWF no. I am the MOTM.
  15. Welcome to the forum Trevor, enjoy your stay here.
  16. Your take on Ambrose is somewhat disturbing yet gratifying. Welcome, aboard
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