B.Dazzle arrives to his hotel.

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  1. *A black Limo pulls up to a large hotel and the door swings open. Emerging from the limo is none other than B.Dazzle. He's wearing black pants and a button downed shirt. He grabs his Tag Team Championship and suit case from out the Limo, tips the limo rider, and begins walking away. B.Dazzle is about to enter the hotel when a reporter runs up to him.*

    Reporter: B.Dazzle! We are just a few nights away from has all the possibilities of being the biggest night of your career. You are going into three consecutive matches that all have title implications on the line. I would love to know your thoughts about this.

    B.Dazzle: Do you really what to know what B.Dazzle thinks?

    Reporter: Yes, i real.....

    B.Dazzle: It doesn't matter what you want to know! Now, let B.Dazzle tell something really quick. If you want an interview with The Dazzling One you make an appointment and wait in line, or else B.Dazzle will knock the yellow of your teeth. Since B.Dazzle is already here, fine, he'll give your candy ass an interview but only for the people. The Royal Rumble event. It's the night that starts us all off on the road to wrestlemania. Stars are born, legends are set in stone, men are made immortals. At the Royal Rumble, B.Dazzle will set his legacy in stone. Three straight matches. Three straight big matches. First, B.Dazzle is going to win the I.C title. He's going to beat them all. Draven, Lee, unknown, he's going to whip all their roody poo candy asses like it's nothing. Then, it's time for the Rumble match. Thirty men all trying to get their shot at the IWT Championship at Mania. It's not thirty men, actually. It's B.Dazzle and the twenty nine other Jabronis he plans on throwing over the top rope. Then, it's time to defend B.Dazzle's IWT Tag Team Championship. It's B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav vs Dat Kid's team of Jwab and David. Now, to be honest, B.Dazzle really doesn't know much about Jwab, but it really doesn't matter who Jwab is. David on the other hand, B.Dazzle is very familiar with. You see, it was at Summerslam that David won his X-Division title. One of his opponents was B.Dazzle. Ever since than, David's been going around stating how he beat B.Dazzle and two other guys to win it. Well David, this is a whole new B.Dazzle. A B.Dazzle that is going to whip your trailer park trash monkey ass so badly that you won't even remember the difference between the X-Divsion Championship and a womens championship, not that there's a difference with you as champ. At the Rumble, B.Dazzle is going to Dazzle. There's no doubt about it. Now, get out of my face before B.Dazzle sticks this mic up your candy ass. If you smell what B.Dazzle's cookin!

    *B.Dazzle turns around and walks in to the hotel.*
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  2. *Unknown comes out of no where and knocks Dazzle, down, he stomps on him*

    You aint beating anyone Dazzle, you aint leaving champion.
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