B.Dazzle doesn't care about whats going on.

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  1. *B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring wearing his shades and expensive shirt.*

    "There has been a whole lot of talking going on about the resignation of Dat Kid, the retiring of Danielson, and the arrest of Britanica, but let B.Dazzle tell you all that he doesn't care at all about any of that crap. He doesn't care about them walking out, he only cares about himself. B.Dazzle says that if they want to walk out of this company, than fine then. They wouldn't have lasted long with B.Dazzle in this company. He just wants to take his time to you all that no matter what happens with those pieces of trash, that B.Dazzle will still be the man. He will be dazzling audiences world wide while those guys sit in their homes watching B.Dazzle captivate audiences like only he can. As for all the talk about Jonathan being the man who caused this, he doesn't care about him either. The only thing Jonathan should be doing is carrying my bags and writing my pay checks before he loses his most valuable profit in the IWT."

    *The fans are against B.Dazzle completely. *

    "People shouldn't be worried about losing them, they should be worried about losing B.Dazzle. If he leaves this company, ratings will plummet. B.Dazzle is the most dazzling man in wrestling, and everyone knows that. He will always be here kicking ass and being the best in the entire universe. You have all been DAZZLED!

    *B.Dazzle leaves the ring to a loud number of boos.*
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  3. OOC: B.dazzle > You
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