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  1. B.Dazzle

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  1. *B.Dazzle comes marching out to the top of the ramp carrying his Black and Blue "We The Dazzling Chavs" Flag. He puts his hand over his heart and screams out "We The Chavs". He marches down the ramp and walks in to the ring. He asks for a mic, gets on, and begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: This company is missing something very, very important. It is missing action. It is missing day to day excitement. This company needs something to get these fans excited. It needs more matches. There are not enough fights in this company on a weekly basis. You people want action and violence, and you will damn sure get it. You people aren't the only ones who want violence. B.Dazzle is ready to kick some ass.

    *Crowd pop*

    B.Dazzle: He is ready to go throughout that locker room and beat the ever living hell out of anyone back there, because B.Dazzle is just in the mood to do so. B.Dazzle has a lot of frustration kept up inside of him. Frustration of his title being stolen. Frustration because he is under-appreciated. Frustration because no one takes him serious. B.Dazzle is aching to get his hands on some poor fellow. This coming Saturday, B.Dazzle will get the chance to do that, by kicking Rodrigo's brown, Spaniard ass. Rodrigo, B.Dazzle respects you, but he can't wait to use you as his anger toy. B.Dazzle isn't going to show mercy. Every hit he delivers will be delivered out of anger and frustration. Every move he uses will be delivered to prove that B.Dazzle isn't a joke. Rodrigo, you are going to be B.Dazzle's example. His message. B.Dazzle is going to use you to send a message to the man who has stolen his belt. He is going to show him that at The Slammys, B.Dazzle is going to burn his career down to the ground like a house on fire. Rodrigo, you decided to mess with B.Dazzle at the worst time. WE THE CHAVS!

    *B.Dazzle begins swinging his flag around as he begins marching out the ring.*
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  2. *B.Dazzle stops at the top of the ramp to turn towards the crowd one last time when out from the back comes Trip in the Head! The crowd reaction is loud but mixed and B.Dazzle turns around. Trip nails B.Dazzle with a clothesline and he drops the flag. Trip grabs the flag and hits B.Dazzle across the back a couple of times with it. Throwing the flag down on the ramp when he is done*

    TRIP: *squats down near B.Dazzle* You're too worried about your IC belt Dazzle. Tag Tournament or not, we WILL be coming for those tag team belts. You and Gav have been warned. *Trip smacks the back of B.Dazzle's head as he tries to lift it, then stands, puts his hand over his heart, laughs maniacally, and then runs off through the crowd*
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  3. Should we have the match here or in another thread?
  4. Here is fine
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  6. *Rodrigo comes out to a big pop*

    *Gets into the ring and stares at B Dazzle, then smirks*

    So straight after saying you respect me you say I’m just a anger toy? You shouldn’t be worried about the guy who stole your belt. You better be worried about what can I do to you right now. Stop thinking about the Slammy Awards because you may get there with a broken arm.

    You know, for me this isn’t the generic dark match. You’re a rising star. You’ve beat The Cure. Exactly, the guys I chased for over 4 months. You’re the IC Champ and one half of the Tag Team Champions. The crowd loves you.

    *Crowd cheers*

    But as I said before, don’t think I’m gonna let you win so the crowd can go home happy. No. I’m gonna make you sweat. I’m not going easy on you. You know why? On my book, when you beat the champ. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dark match, a special event or a PPV, you become one of the top contenders. And the IC title aka “Perfect” title isn’t just another championship. Since the world titles were unified, that belt became the #2 belt.

    *Rodrigo speaks to the crowd*

    One year ago, I got a shot at the IC title. My debut, my first loss. I’ve never got another shot at that title. I said I wanted wins, I said I wanted glory. And the glory means winning championships.

    You know why you’re gonna lose? Because while you think this is “just another match” for me this is the match to become once again someone important in this company.

    This is “THE” match. This is “MY” match
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  7. OOC: About to leave for work, but I'll get my promo in as soon as I get home.
  8. Random guy in the crowd shouts out "fuck him up Dazzle!"
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  9. B.Dazzle: Man, oh man. Not the "this is more than just a match for me" speech. B.Dazzle is quivering in his boots. You see Rodrigo.....B.Dazzle has heard the same thing from every single man in that locker room since the day he became this company's I.C champion. They come out here all tough and talk about how they're being under looked by B.Dazzle. Maybe you could be taken seriously if you did something worth while in this company. You're a talented man, don't get me wrong, but you haven't won when it matters. B.Dazzle did something you tried months to do, and that is beat the cure. Until you have won gold in this company, you haven't done jack shit. This business isn't about getting the loudest pops. It's about coming to this ring, kicking ass, and getting the job done. Until you do that, you will always be overlooked by your peers. You want to solidify yourself as a major threat around here? Fine, but don't tell me that you want to, prove to me that you want to. This title isn't the perfect title anymore, Rod. It's the dazzling title, and it should only be held by the most dazzling man in all of professional wrestling. That man is none other than B.Dazzle himself.

    *B.Dazzle gives Rodrigo a little smirk before continuing.*

    B.Dazzle: To B.Dazzle, this isn't just a match. B.Dazzle doesn't just want this match, he needs this match. He needs a good fight. He needs to get all his frustration from the last couple of weeks out of him. This may be a dark match, but you can bet B.Dazzle doesn't take any match or any wrestler lightly. B.Dazzle knows he is surrounded by the best this industry has, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    *The smirk on B.Dazzle's face disappears.*

    B.Dazzle: You want wins? You want glory? Do something about it. Don't just stand there and talk about it. Do something about it! B.Dazzle may talk the talk, but he can damn sure walk the walk. B.Dazzle does what he says he is going to do. You're right Rodrigo, this is THE match. The bad thing about it is that it's not your match. It's THE match of THE one and only, B.Dazzle!
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  10. Could you please tell me something I dont already know?
    Yeah sure, I havent been on fire since SummerSlam. I havent won a title since I vacated mine at Extreme Rules. Man, you should come with a different speech because every single guy in this company tells me the exactly same thing since I was beaten by the Cure.
    Now let me bring some reality to your world. This people love you, they love your team. But you know why? Because you're a couple of clowns. A Rock wannabe and a guy with some serious metal issues. How long is it going to last until they get bored and sick of you? huh? "The Chavs" "The Chavs" This people are gonna get tired of that shit. As a single competitor you look way to serious. I do respect you. But there are some stuff that I cant stand.
    You telling me what to do? Jack, Ive been here since day one pulling shows you wish you could ever put. I was wrestling inside this squared circle while you were at home with a beer, getting ready to wrestle in front of 20 people to get a few bucks to buy the PPV I fought in. I know exactly what to do. And its what I do best. To kick some fucking asses. "The Cure has beaten you a lot of times" who doesnt already know that?
    *Rodrigo speaks to the locker room*
    The next pussy who shows up, please bring something different. Yehp the cure beat me twice at two different PPVs and what? I bet my ass off you couldnt beat them during they were at the top. But hey at the time you faced them, the Cure wasnt a stable. It was just a tag team. And well, Chav was on fire with his stupid jokes and his repetitive song. You won those titles. The titles I've chased since SummerSlam and the titles I'm gonna chase till IWTMania. Exactly. The IWT Legend Farooq and myself are entering the damn tournament. Trips, Hammer, DK, Adam...I dont give a damn about who faces us. We are going to win that tournament. We're going to walk out of IWTMania with the the tag team championships. But hey, what If I give you the beat down of your life and you cant even compete at IWTMania? Oh now wait I'm just an anger toy right? Well. I will be chucky then.
    You're the IC championship and half of the Tag team champs but it's sad. It's sad because you think you've accomplished everything. You talk down to me. I was one champion. I once thought I was at the top of the mountain. Just like you. But the man makes the title not the other way round. That title, the IC championship is not going to last around your waist forever. There will be one day you lose it. And then, you'll realiss it was the "Dazzling belt". It was the IWT IC championship, remember that. Anyone in this company is more important than the IWT itself. Not even you AIDS.
    You weren't around when I first won the title so dont tell me what I was or I wasn't. I've got this "fame" of being a loser. My win/loss ratio is still pretty good. And i've been in more battles in one battle than you believe." You want wins? You want glory? Do something about it. Don't just stand there and talk about it. Do something about it!" You know what I exactly did? When I found out you had this open challenge I showed up. I was the one guy to come out here to compete. You know what I'm going to do? Make you compete against Adam with another loss. I dont have to prove anything to anyone. The crowd know what I'm capable of, the creative team knows what I'm capable of, but the most important thing. I know what I'm capable of. And that's enough to make me believe there's a place for me in the history of this company.
    I'm a spanish dude who had to bust his ass in the indy circuit to get a contract. My grammar is far from acceptable, my vocabulary is pretty poor. My in ring skills have to improve. I was DQ at WM, I left the company because I had issues with the GM, I didnt show up in a match with Sackfist, all I've done since SummerSlam is to lose against the Cure. I havent won a title in 6 months. I'm not booked in big storylines. I'm not the face of the company. I'm not one of the guys who sell the biggest number of T-Shirt. Right now, you're ahead of me in the IWT Power 20. You and you're friend are way more important that I'm right now.

    Now, tell them something about me they dont already know.

    *Rodrigo gives the mic to B. Dazzle*
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  11. *B.Dazzle grabs the mic and begins clapping.*

    B.Dazzle: Hell of a speech, Rodrigo. However there was one thing that you said, that irked B.Dazzle. "It's sad because you think you've accomplished everything." B.Dazzle doesn't think he's accomplished everything, B.Dazzle is just proud of what he has done. Like is short and sweet, Rod. You can't be mad about what you don't have, you should be happy for the things you do have. B.Dazzle has had a short career here. He's been walking out to this ring for only about five months. Five months......and he's already holding two championships. B.Dazzle isn't going to be upset about not having a IWT title shot. He's got more things to do in his career before he can consider himself a contender. You need to realize that B.Dazzle knows his own strengths and weaknesses. You need to realize that B.Dazzle knows what he's done and what he has yet to do. B.Dazzle has yet to prove his full potential in this company. He's hot right now, but will B.Dazzle be in a matter of months? That's what B.Dazzle needs to prove. He needs to prove that he is here to stay as a top contender.

    *B.Dazzle looks dead at Rodrigo.*

    B.Dazzle: Show B.Dazzle how capable you are. Show this company how capable you are. Show these people how capable you are. They may know it, but they need to see it. They need to see that Rodrigo isn't here to lose anymore. They already know that B.Dazzle walks down to this ring ready for whatever this company has to throw at him. If B.Dazzle loses this match, he will keep moving forward. He'll put in the back of his mind, train harder, and make himself better every day. What will happen if you lose? What will happen if you lose in the Tag Team tournament? That's what you need to ask yourself. Are you going to stick around and fight for your life or are you going to fall into obscurity? You know what, Rod. Here's something these people don't know. These people don't know that everyday it eats B.Dazzle alive knowing that people only see him as some side-show freak. They don't know that B.Dazzle has a monster inside of him that wants to be unleashed and raise hell throughout this entire damn company. It pains B.Dazzle that guys just think i'm a second tier player in this company. That people only see me as Gav's sidekick and not his equal. Gav didn't win the tag team championships, The Dazzling Chavs won the IWT Tag Team Championships! The problem is that people don't realize it. The only person who does is Gav himself. You don't think B.Dazzle knows he won his I.C title due to his opponent being completely hammered and not ready for the match? Of course B.Dazzle knows that and he hates it. It's because of the conditions B.Dazzle won the I.C title, that no one will see him as a thread in singles competition. Whether it's a dark match, uprising match, or a PPV match, B.Dazzle is going to need every win to show his worth. Rod, you don't know how much B.Dazzle needs this victory. You've proven B.Dazzle wrong for calling you nothing but an anger toy, but B.Dazzle is still going to beat you within an inch of your life. No matter how hard the fight is, B.Dazzle needs to show this company, these people, that he is not a joke.
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  12. @Jonathan It's been 24 hours.

    It's time for voting to commence.
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  15. I enjoyed both sides quite a bit, but Dazzle stole it with his last promo talking about him being underrated in comparison to Gavin the dildo swinging chav. Rhod keeps getting better, I just thought Dazzle finished it off on a high note. Great job to both competitors.
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  16. Oh man I didn't realize this was going to be a match thread. Sorry about that lol
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  17. It is alright.
  18. I'll read and vote later
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  19. I liked Dazzle's claim to "something greater" in that last promo (uh oh, hints of dissension? lol) , but the 8 mile imitation Rhod through down won me over. Nice job guys.