Storyline B.Dazzle is sick of these games.

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  1. *B.Dazzle struts down to the ring with a mic already in his hand. He rolls in the ring and begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: It seems that day after day, B.Dazzle is finding himself the victim of a sneak attack. Now, B.Dazzle knows he has none to blame but himself for poking fun at whoever the hell he's supposed to be facing, but he's getting sick and tired of it. The mind games won't work on B.Dazzle. He's to smart to fall for your tricks, so you can stop trying to get in his head. You can stop trying to make him fear that he's not safe where ever he goes. It's not going to work. B.Dazzle isn't going to fall for anything you try. The hacking, the guns, the deep voice, all of it, it's not doing anything. B.Dazzle doesn't care about any of that crap. All he cares about is beating your ass and taking back HIS I.C title belt. The I.C title belt that you stole from him after you took him with a cheap shot. You want to be taken as a threat, fine, you got your wish. B.Dazzle has heard the warnings, whoever you are. B.Dazzle has heard them all. So you can make all the threats you want because the time for talk is going to be over soon, and when the time for action begins, you better believe B.Dazzle won't hold back. He is going to beat you to an inch of your life. To you, this is just trying to get recognized by attacking one of the biggest dogs in the yard. To me, this is personal. You attacked B.Dazzle, and now you must pay the price. Come time for the slammys, there won't be any warnings. There won't be any hidden voices or hidden identities. You can't hack yourself out of this one. No amount of power outages, gun shooting, and disappearing tricks are going to save you from an ass kicking of a lifetime. Forget Taker vs Mankind, what B.Dazzle is going to do to you will go down as the most brutal, the most violent, the most sickening beatdown in the history of this industry. You chose the wrong person to mess with. You're ass is about to BE DAZZLED BY B.DAZZLE!