Storyline b.dazzle is still a cheeky ****!

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  1. * gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring with a mic at hand*

    ( Gav the chav) here right listen up yeah I'm just gunna cut straight to the point right b.dazzle has something I want as I'm sure a lot of you can guess it is the IWT money in the bank contract so dazzle I've came out here to issue a challenge

    *crowd erupts and cheers*

    Thats right you little cheeky ****s you see in 3 weeks time the second biggest show on the iwt schedule begins b.dazzle thinks hes so much better than me its about time that little prick came crashing back down to earth so I say lets give these people what they want gav the chav vs b.dazzle at summerslam but thsts not all lets put a little bit of spice to dazzle if you think you can beat me so easily why not put your IWT mitb contract on the line as well surely there is no danger in you losing it or are scared because you know deep down who the number one dazzling chav is do you accept my challenge?
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  2. Woah, bro...I carried this team at EC
  3. *B.Dazzle appears on the titantron and is sitting in his locker room. He has his IWT Briefcase next to him and a huge smile on his face.*

    Dazzle: Accept your challenge? Accept YOUR challenge? You come out to that ring and challenge B.Dazzle at Summerslam. Challenging him for his briefcase. Well you can shove your challenge up your ass. B.Dazzle fought long and hard for this briefcase. You had your chance to win this briefcase, and you blew it. Get over it! B.Dazzle isn't going to face you at Summerslam, Gav. He's got better things he can be doing that day, then lower himself and stand in a ring with you. It's bad enough he had to do that for the past several months. You want a match at Summerslam for a Briefcase, challenge Nick or Jeff from EBW, because that is the only, and B.Dazzle means ONLY way you will get any shot at a MITB Briefcase.
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  4. (Gav the chav) here you cheeky **** why won't you give me and the iwt universe stop being so fucking selfish you selfish **** its all about me me me me with you but I tell you what right you will give me what I and these people want and I'm gunna make sure you do this isn't the last you're gunna hear of this
  5. OOC: Jeff has the money in the lunchbox
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    inb4 Jeff jobs to Frank.
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