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    B.Dazzle vs Jake Woods​

    The following contest is a promo battle! Each competitor can post up to three promos within the next 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours a voting poll will open up for an additional 24 hours and the competitor with the most votes at the end of the match will be the winner.
    *Dat Kid appears on the titantron and he holds up a paper* I have an announcement from Jonathan. "Farooq has been getting off easy with his opponents. That's why I'm putting him in a match he's never been in. At Summerslam Fluttershy Farooq will defend his title in an Ultimate X match! Now I bet you're wondering how does this pertain to this match. Well the winner of this match will qualify to be in the Ultimate X match for the X-Division Championship!" *Dat Kid balls up the paper and tosses it to the side* What a waste of my time. *Dat Kid walks off the screen*​

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  9. "Hero" by Pop Evil blasts throughout the arena. Jake Woods begins walking to the ring. He is wearing his usual ring attire, but with a black shirt. That shirt shows Jake Woods super-kicking a bald man. Jake has a cocky grin on his face. The crowd boos Woods down as he makes his way to the ring. Once Jake gets close to the ring, he looks around before walking up the steel stairs. As soon as he gets to the apron, Jake climbs the turn-buckle. He raises both arms in the air and yells "Greatness!" Jake Woods bows and then hops off of the turnbuckle. He then walks over to the opposite side of the ring. Once he receives a microphone, he clears his throat before beginning.

    Jake Woods: "So, Greatness has to settle for a man who calls himself B. Dazzle? That is quite ridiculous! I am too good for the man. He ins't even anywhere close to my league. Actually, nobody is close to my league. Nobody is as great as me. But, why am I, you may ask? I love winning! Winning is a hobby for me, as I win all the time. And, that won't be changing tonight!"

    Jake Woods shouts "I WILL win!" while the fans boo him. His smile gets even bigger.

    Jake Woods: "Well, I'd tell you that I have respect for you and all, Dazzle right about now, but I really shouldn't come out here and lie to you. I've got no respect for anybody but myself. I don't like the brainless imbeciles here and I never will! But, I applaud the fact that you have the balls to go on with this match-up."

    Jake claps while nodding his head, looking around at the crowd.

    Jake Woods: "I'm interested to listening to the crap you're gonna come out here and say because I'm holding in my laughter for it. But, anything you say will be false. Of course, unless, you come out and talk about how great I am. Actually, I want to watch you talk about how great I am!"

    Jake laughs before sitting at the corner off the ring. He motions for B. Dazzle to come out.
  10. *Dazzle makes his way down to the ring, keeping his eyes on Jake the whole time.*

    B.Dazzle: You know when I made that open challenge, I thought it would be some well known member of the IWT roster, not some nobody. You call your self greatness, but I don't know why. There isn't one great thing about you. In fact, I can already tell that you absolutely suck. As far as me coming out here and spewing out crap. The only crap I hear, is coming from the mouth of an ass like you.

    *The fans laugh at this*

    B.Dazzle: They call me B.Dazzle, because I have the ability to entertain people all around the world, because that's how great that I truly am. They call me the future because I am the brightest, young star in this company. I will take this company into the future, and make sure no one knows about the lowlife people of this company's past like you.

    *The fans cheer loudly for B.Dazzle*

    B.Dazzle: You say you win all the time, but that won't be happening tonight. You are not worthy of even calling your self great, and you are sure not worthy of an X-division qualifying match. Jake, I suggest you forfeit right now, because the future has just started, and you will damn sure not be apart of it.

    *B.Dazzle taunts for the crowd, as he waits for Jake to respond.*
  11. Jake Woods looks around. Suddenly, he starts pounding his fists on the ring mat as he laughs. He continues laughing. Finally, he seems to calm down before looking at B. Dazzle and standing up.

    Jake Woods: "I'm sorry that you're too full of crap. But, does it matter if people know me or not? I mean, come on, this is my debut, do you expect everybody around to automatically know me? I don't think that's how it works, but I'm not surprised at that comment. I wouldn't think you got anything right up in that brain of yours? Wait, you have a brain, right?"

    Woods looks at B. Dazzle's head for a few seconds. He laughs and then speaks again.

    Jake Woods: "Now, they call you B. Dazzle because you entertain? I'm not sure who they is, but I'm pretty sure "they" don't call you that. It's probably some random name you came up with while sitting at home, playing video games and eating potato chips. You don't entertain people all around the world. I'm afraid you've got the world confused with your living room. And, they were just pretending you were "Dazzling" them!"

    Jake Woods takes a deep breath before speaking again.

    Jake Woods: "And, again with the "they". But, anyways, you are not the future. Also, you certainly aren't bright! The only thing you have is your youth, which means more years of losing for you. It's alright, though. I got you a cookie...Oh, sorry, forgot it at the store. But, I think you said something about taking this company to the future? But, what I'm wondering is how you could possibly do that by losing every match. Because, after I defeat you, I will go on to defeat the champ and become X-Division champion, just beginning the future! I won't be the lowlife you think I'm gonna be and I've never been that lowlife! And, I'm not the who should be forfeiting. That person should be you. BEcause, I'm superior to everyone here tonight!"

    Jake taunts before waiting for B. Dazzle to respond.
  12. *B.Dazzle chuckles a little after Jake's comments.*

    B.Dazzle: "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today." These are words from Malcolm x. I have prepared to be the future of this company, and I am not going to let you, or any one else get in my way. You come out here, and you crack all your jokes, you try to belittle me, but why? So you can feel like you are the greatest person here, and so you can think you will win? You see the problem here is that you can't win, and I will make sure you don't. The future needs a positive outlook, and that can only be achieved if I am in it, not you.

    *The fans give a loud round of applause.*

    B: Dazzle: The X-division title is my chance at proving that I am the future. Its a chance for me to say that I belong, and that I am the right guy. You can say your great, but talk is cheap until you prove it. Jake, tonight is the night that B.Dazzle solidifies himself as the future, as the most dazzling thing in IWT, and as the next X-division champion.

    *The fans start cheering the name of B.Dazzle*

    B.Dazzle: You said something about me losing every match, but that's not going to happen. I am going to beat you, win the x-division title, and go on to a great, successful future in this company. As for you Jake, losing will be a big part of your career in the coming years, but that is what should make you happy. Because of this, you will never have to fear not being greatness, because you'll never accumulate to ever reaching greatness.

    *B.Dazzle stares down Jake with a cold stare in his eyes, waiting for his response.*
  13. "You think I won't reach greatness? I already am greatness, pal! And, I'm going to come out here every time I can and prove it. Be it against the X Division Champion, the Intercontinental Champion, hell, even the WWE Champion! I'm gonna come out here and teach all of you something! I'll teach you that I'm the best thing to happen to this place. And, a weak man like you won't get in my way! you think you're so good and you dazzle everybody but the truth is, you're a piece of junk.​

    I'm the real fighter here. You say that you've prepared to be the future of this company today, but so have I. Not only today, though. I've prepared to be the future of this company throughout my whole life! I was born to be in this ring. My father was a wrestler. My grandfather was a wrestler. And, those two were some of the best but they went unnoticed. Not me, though. Everybody will be talking about me. Not only do I want to be known as greatness. I deserve to be known as greatness! But, you don't get it! You think you're better than me. You think you're the best. I guess you are the best. So, that makes me the best of the best. You may think I'm all talk but the reality is, I can prove it. My destiny is to be greatness. Nobody thinks so yet but soon, everybody will. This is just the beginning. I'm going to cause destruction and chaos because that's who I am. I go imaginable lengths to win and I'm proud of it!​

    So, If you are going to give me your A game, then I'll make sure to take you through hell and back. I'm fearless. I'm brutal. That's why I'll have a successful future. I am determined. You'll have to kill me before I give up. That way, if you do kill me, I'll die brave man and not a weak one. But, you aren't good enough to force me to give up. But, if the unthinkable happens, and you defeat me, it shall be a great match where I'm taking you to your limit, because I will not take a loss without coming close. I rather lose by a bit than lose by a landslide. 99 out of 100 time, I will defeat you, though, so let's not talk about that 1 out of 100. I say we talk about after I beat you!​

    After, I beat you, I will go on to fight for the X-Division Championship in an Ultimate X match! I'm a hard-worker and my hard work will pay off when I become X-Division Champ! Oh, I forgot to congratulate you for your achievement...You know, being the first opponent of the future legend, Jake Woods? The man who will beat you and then win the X-Division Championship? Yeah, that guy. I heard he was much too good for you. Haha, allowing me to put this microphone to my mouth was the best move besides signing me that this company has made!​

    I would stop now, but getting to talk about how great I am is too fun! And, getting to talk about how terrible everybody else is is even better. Alright, anyways, after I win that X-Divsion championship, I will go on to win the WWE Championship. As soon as that match gets booked, there will be no doubt that there will be a new champion.​

    When people think about IWT, they'll remember the great, Jake Woods. They might not even remember my name. They'll know me as what I truly am! And what do you think that is? Greatness! You may think that I overuse that word, but it is the perfect word to describe me.​

    You still want me to stop? Alright, I will. Well, you haven't got on your knees and bowed down to me yet so I'll continue. Unless, you want to bow down to me right now?...No?...I'll continue then. Hmm, what to talk about now? I'll just go with whatever comes to my mind first, I guess...Well, After I defeat you, I want to take down that Failface, who name does suit him quite well, but it seems you'll be doing that. So, I'll do what you did that leading you to facing me, an open challenge. But, the thing that'll be different is that I'll actually beat the person who accepts the challenge, no matter who it is.​

    Even if a champion wants to go against me, I'll beat that champ worse than I'm going to beat you. You know what? That may even earn me another future title shot. So, in about 2 months tops, I'll have more accolades than one man can count! That's why I'm the true future and that's why I'm GREATNESS!"​

  14. *Suicide is watching back stage along side Kid,the old world title Draven ditched is around Suicide's shoulder,they both seem amused*
    Suicide to Kid: "Look at these two no bodies fighting for a title shot,the whole X-Division has been worthless since I left it." Suicide smirks and contunies to watch the match.
  15. "Your right, people will remember you, but they will remember you for all the wrong reasons. You won't go down as greatness; you'll go down as an egotistical, big mouth, self-centered, pain in the ass. You talk about how your legacy, about how your father and grandfather were both some of the best, but you need to understand that no one cares about your legacy. This is what I am trying to do; I am trying to stop people from referring to the past, and start thinking about the future. That is why I need this win, that is why I have to win, and that is why I will win.

    I am not here to only make an impact; I am here to create change. We live in a world where hard working men like me are pushed aside for others based off of biased judgment instead of skill and determination, both things that I possess, but no more. I am going to make history that changes everything people knows about the IWT.

    Everything that I do, I do it for the future generations of this company, I do it for the people who are tired of the same thing over and over again, and I do it to stop guys like you from leading this place on the wrong direction. This win means more to me, than anything in my career it’s the only way I can prove my worth to these people, to the wrestlers in the back, and to myself.

    You call yourself a true fighter, but I have yet to see it. All I have seen is a true jackass. Saying your greatness proves nothing, while going out there, and getting the respect of everyone, is the true key to becoming greatness. Also, you keep going on talking about how you will be a WWE champion? You have been here one day, and a lot can change in a matter of moments. Don’t talk about winning a major title, because you haven’t earned the right to.

    Defining yourself as greatness is easy for you to say, but going out there and proving your greatness is a much different task, a task that you won’t have the opportunity to do yet. Now, I am not going to sit here and call myself great, because I haven’t earned that title, and neither have you. But what I can do is tell you how I am going to spend the rest of my career working towards the goal of being great, and being a star of the future. Your dreams of greatness will just be dreams, while mine are destined to be a reality.

    I am going to beat you, I am going to win the x-division championship, and I am going to do whatever I have to do, to become what I have said I am, and that is the future of this company. Jake, your path to greatness will come to a screeching halt, while mine will take a right turn on the path of prosperity. Tonight, will now be known as the night B.Dazzle changed the fate of the IWT!

    You…. Have been dazzled!"
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