B.Dazzle wants singles gold!

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  1. *B.Dazzle comes down to the ring. He grabs a mic from ringside.*

    "B.Dazzle is here to send a message to all the single title holders in the IWT. He is coming for singles gold. He doesn't care which championship it is, he just wants gold. Now I don't want anyone to worry. The Dazzling Chavs are still going to become IWT Tag team champs, it's just that B.Dazzle wants to hold his own title. With that said, B.Dazzle will tell everyone this. When the time comes that B.Dazzle gets his championship match, he is going to win. In B.Dazzle's whole career here, he has only had one title match and that was during his early days here. Things have changed. B.Dazzle is smarter, tougher, and a whole lot more dazzling. This is a new B.Dazzle. This B.Dazzle is going to solidify himself as a true top contender in the IWT, and he is going to do it by being both a singles champion and a tag team champion. So if there is any single champion who thinks they have the usual amount of testicles in their pants to come out here and put their title on the line with the dazzling one, B.Dazzle says get your candy ass out here now so he can beat you all over this arena.
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  2. *watches from backstage* OH my...how...unique set of words....
  3. ooc: So I see no one wants to go one on one with the dazzling one.
  4. ooc: I will o3o
  5. OOC: Three way?
  6. OOC: I'm down for a three way :ksi:

    In all seriousness, a triple threat is good with me.
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