B.Dazzle's impression thread.

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  1. *B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring with his tag team and I.C title belt. He has a jacket that says Dazzlerock on the back of it. He is wearing black tights and UFC golves. He stands on the steel steps, raises his hands, and screams. He places both belts on opposite shoulders and grabs a mic.*

    B.Dazzlerock: B.Dazzlerock is the most dangerous man in the entire world. He is the best fighter in the IWT. There is no man who can step up to B.Dazzlerock toe to toe and beat him in a fight or a wrestling match. He is a former UFC champ. He is a legend in the world of MMA. There is no stopping B.Dazzlerock from inflicting pain on the bodies of all the IWT roster. B.Dazzlerock is this companies greatest fighter in it's history. That is why he is the I.C and Tag Team champ. There is no man on the planet that is as bad as B.Dazzlerock. He can fly like a butterfly, and sting like a bee. He can go to jail and still be undefeated. He can do it all. That is why B.Dazzlerock is so dominant. It's because no one has the skill nor the aggression to beat him. B.Dazzlerock is the toughest son of a bitch this world has ever seen. He brings more carnage than rampage. B.Dazzlerock is unforgiving. He doesn't care how weakened his opponent is, all he cares is about taking that opponent down. B.Dazzlerock is in fact the most dangerous, and dazzling, chav in the entire IWT. B.Dazzlerock will beat all of you into a living death!
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  2. This is the thread that I will use for all my impressions that I do, so that way I don't make countless threads.

    Recommendations are welcome.