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    *Frie runs through the curtain to a loud pop. He is wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and sunglasses. He walks down the ramp and into the ring.*

    For the first time in quite a while, Frie is back and here in IWT! Alot of things have gone down while I've been away. A new champion has been crowned. And this man is no ordinary champion. No. He's my good friend, Joey Bryant.

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction for Joey Bryant.*

    Ya see, Joey Bryant and I were a team before I left. We had a match against the infamous Dat Kid, and I thought that would be the moment that helped our careers sky-rocket. However, that didn't happen. Joey and Dat Kid formed a little alliance after that match, and I couldn't handle it. I wasn't gonna stoop so low to join the man who I proved wrong, who I beat, and who I embarrassed. But, that's not the only thing that went on. New talent stepped into this company. They think they have the goods, but they really don't. They're insecure. You've got people complaining about the voting here in IWT. But, who's to blame for that? We don't know. And we will NEVER know.

    *The crowd encourages Frie to continue by chanting his name.*

    I didn't leave because of the fans. I didn't leave because of Joey. I left because I wanted to come back to a changed IWT. And guess what. There is no change in IWT. It's gotten much, much worse. And to think that someone can just sit back and let it happen absolutely sickens me.

    *More Frie chants.*

    Let me cut to the point. I am on the search for someone who wants change as much as I do. I want someone to step up and assist me in reforming IWT forever. I'm not asking for a leader, a friend, or a tag team partner. I'm asking for an equal. A man or woman who knows exactly what this company needs. Who will step up?

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  2. Aids and Majour walk out as the crowd cheers. Aids looks over at Harriet, and grins before running and sliding down into the ring. Frie hands Aids the microphone, and they both exchange a cheap laugh before beginning to speak.

    The change has already begun. I'm not here to lead a group, i'm here to leave IWT a legacy. The stars who were cast aside by others are now being arranged into the perfect puzzle for a change this company needs, and this is just another step in the right direction.

    I'm not here to hog the spotlight, I'm here to extend a hand and help the future of IWT get the push they deserve. There are too many things i could say, and nearly all of them would sound better on a broken record - besides, I'd rather let them talk and walk all by themselves - I am only here for a front row seat to the next generation of greatness.
    *Aids passes the microphone off back to Frie, as Harriet also enters the ring.
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  3. *Frie hesitantly grabs the mic from Aids.*

    There's no doubt that I have a tremendous amount of respect for you Aids. You are, in my opinion, the greatest champion that this company has ever had. You're a chill dude. But I'm not looking for chill. I'm looking for determination. I've been down the road of not taking things seriously, and it's time to turn that around. I'm telling you right now, I'm not going to be treated as some rookie. I don't care if you or Harriet has a problem with that.

    *The crowd gives a loud pop for Frie.*

    If you are the man who tells me the truth, who keeps his word, who I can trust........ then I'll join you. But you gotta live up to your word. As soon as you show signs of being a "leader", I'm done. I want to trust you, Aids. And for that, I'll take up your offer.

    *Frie extends his hand and Aids agrees to shake. Harriet is clapping in the corner. The crowd cheers immensely.*
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