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  1. Exclusively on the IWT Youtube page, a new "Aids Johnson vignette" video has been upload it. View it "here."

    The video begins as Aids Johnson walks out of the gym to address the camera's and le random member of IWT staff waiting on him. Aids snatches the mic from him before slowly moving him away from the camera, saying a quick "thank you son."

    You know excuses are like assholes: everyone has one, and they all stink. I may be a shell of my former self, but my corpse is one of the few keeping this sinking ship afloat while certain members add dead weight on board, waiting for their chance to jump ship. Where is the improvement? Is Dat kid making a sacrifice, or is his message really correct about the end of this thing we've created?

    Y2Aids here, been jobbing for a year now, but the facts remain. Greatest champion of all time, only 3x DESERVING champion, most viewed match of all time x3. Dispute me without excuses, please. Make my day.

    Where is Joey Bryant? Where is the one stepping up to become savior of this dead end job we all endure? I see Antonio around daily, perhaps I really did make a mistake choosing you over him for my title shot.

    *Aids frowns, handing the microphone back before heading back inside. A member of IWT gym staff comes from around the corner, telling the man to turn the camera's off and GTFO*
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  2. Well I PROVED YOU ALL WRONG! :pipebomb:

    I need to find something to do in the middle of class/inbetween homework shit. I'll let it be for a while. Christ, this was next level shit.