Back to town.

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Nano, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. *Jacob comes out highfiving some fans. He then gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.*

    Well, guys... As you may've seen I took a rest from this place. I was sick and tired of so many people saying they are the best in the world and they deserve a championship match more than the veteran ones do. Match after match, they got some cheap wins stealing the victory and all those things instead of putting a fight like that. I just needed to make up my mind and then come back, but do you know what I saw when I came back? I saw FTJ's return and lost to three men. I saw some more people trying to make a name for themselves just for joining a stable. I'm sick. This place is just as it was. Noobs coming, having a fight right after saying they are the best in this business and right after losing they leave and we never see their hair anymore until they are ready to say again to say they are the best. This is annoying. And people who left now are coming back. Is nice to see Kid, Woods and all those guys.

    *Crowd cheers while Jacob starts shaking his head.*

    Guys, sorry but I can't keep on smiling knowing Adam has changed his mind once again. Come on, his opinion about this world changes more often than what I need to get this facepaint on. Come on dude, make up your mind! Nevermind, that wasn't really important. I just wanted to start making up my future. Who will I face? I don't know and I don't care, but I will fight against whoever wants to pick up a fight against me. I'm 120% ready for you. FTJ could've been your new #1 contender for the WH Championship but he lost. I could beg for one more title opportunity, but I will prove myself by putting a hell of a match against, and who knows? I may even get the win. This is it. I'll be in my locker room so if you want to fight, come visit me.

    *Jacob heads to his locker room. "He's back" chants start getting louder and louder and people cheer for him as well*