Backlund, Foley and Booker not getting inducted on TV

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. Foley getting screwed by the E again? Wasn't he originally supposed to headline this class? Now he's not even getting inducted on TV.

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  2. Meltzer

    But yeah wtf
  3. Trump on TV over Foley? :pity2:

    Hopefully just dirtsheet bullshit.
  4. What they said. Hoping this is just typically bad Meltzer / dirtsheet reporting and nothing more. Would be a shame for Foley's induction to not even air.

    (Cute sidenote: On Twitter Foley has been saying that he's invited Santa Claus to the HOF.)
  5. This is a bunch of bull. Everyone in this class except Trump deserves to br on TV.
  6. Trump over Foley and Booker T?

    Fuck that shit...
  7. Wow, that sucks. Foley deserves recognition more than anyone on that list. Well, aside from Sammartino. But Trump? Ugh.
  8. Backlund off TV? :bury:
  9. People are still mad about Trump? :pity2:
  10. Wtf? Utter joke if true.
  11. Lol if this is true.
  12. Hope that's not the case, beyond lame for Foley and Booker if so.
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