Storyline Backstage After Victory

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  1. After a match on TV, the camera cuts to Nick walking backstage. The crowd gives a medium cheer. He has a towel around his neck and is still a little bit sweaty after his triple threat match.

    An interviewer runs up to Nick with a mic in hand.

    Interviewer: Nick? Can I get a few words from you?

    Nick nods but doesn't really seem interested and just wants to get back to his locker room.

    Interviewer: Well alright, tonight you defeated Trip as well as no. 1 contender for the X Division title Adam. What are your thoughts on that?

    Nick: This is my problem with you interviewers. A guy just wants to get back to his locker room... open a beer or two and carry on with his life. But no, almost any time I'm backstage, you or any other of you stupid ass interviewers have to bother me. The worst part is, your questions are as stupid as yourselves. 'What are your thoughts?' Wanna know my thoughts? That was a hell of a match out there and I defeated two capable competitors. That match did not get the recognition it deserved and I feel us three are beig mistreated. We put on a hell of a match and there isn't anybody that can disagree with that! Anything else?

    Interviewer: well, I have some footage from the match. You think you could just break this down for me?

    *It is towards the end of the match, all three competitors are barely on their feet. Trip hits Nick with a huge clothesline. Then, Adam and Trip begin to brawl until Adam gets him down. Nick runs for Adam but he counters and hits a brain buster. However, Trip hits Adam with a monster spear. Then, he goes for the butcher block (ask Trip about it). Then, just as he holds Adam up, Nick hits a Super Kick and knocks him out. He goes up for a Frog Splash for a three count.*

    Nick: Want me to break that down for you? That's good wrestling right there. Picking your moment and hitting your spots. That clothesline turned me inside our, I'll admit it. Then, the brain buster was worse. If it wasn't for Trip, Adam would've gotten me. Trip and Adam are too guys I underestimated. They knew their way in and around the ring and really were tough to get the upper hand on. Then, I saw an opportunity. After Trip lifted him up, I seized the opportunity. Put him away with a Frog splash. 1... 2... 3."

    Interviewer: What are your next plans in the IWT?

    Nick: My next plans? To win matches and titles. Who else wouldn't have that planned? However, Ive heard a couple of you in the IWT have got a little beef with me backstage. I know who some of you are. And if you wanna say anything about it to me, you're gonna say it to my face. I know who you are, and I know how powerful you are. But you know that I'm talking to you. If you're gonna try and hold my career back, I want you speaking to my face! We had a little, 'confrontation' a week ago, but I want to talk to you anyways. Dat Kid, Ive heard youve got some plans for me, so get your crippled ass back here before I do it for you!

    Nick shoves the interviewer away as the crowd pops.