Backstage before SummerSlam

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    Sackfist sits in the locker room lacing his boots, preparing to train for his upcoming title match.

    Rhodes JwabTV @ Eddy335
  2. *Jacob finds Sackfist in his (Sackfist's) locker room*​
    Hey, good luck in your match with Rodrigo against The Cure. I hope you win and retain the Tag Team belts.
  3. *Jwab arrives*
    Jwab: No need to lace your boots old man. You don't stand a chance. Summerslam is the beginning of the Longest Reigning Tag Team Champions, The Cure. And no one will be able to stop us and not certainly some old timer like you.​
    OOC - Bring it Sackfist!​
  4. *Adam is backstage lacing up his boots, Its 9:00am. The arena is empty and the stage is ready, Wearing cargo shorts and a The Hawk shirt he wanders around the arena*​
  5. *Joey Bryant is walking around on the empty stage while crew sets up the arena for later.*
  6. *Hawk walks past, He stops DK and shakes his hand*

    Good luck out there tonight kid, This is the big leagues. You are in a dangerous position tonight, Dont fuck up.
  7. "I never fucked up when I beat you and Sackfist. I'm on a roll. The gold is only the next step. But thanks."
  8. OOC- I thought this was only meant for The Cure and Sackfist and Rhodes????

  9. Over confidence Atom will be your downfall when I, "Mr. Mid-Card" take the tag team belts. Last time we fought, the odds were against me and you struggled, now that the sides are even, I'll defeat you and Antonio, so I'll lace my boots damn tight, to kick both your asses at SummerSlam

    JwabTV Eddy335
  10. *Alias buts in impudently*​
    Listen up, last time you decided to be a hero, you came out as a zero. We won, fair and square. We didn't struggle like you claim we did. We just were better than you. And at Summerslam, the outcome will be no different haha. The Cure will once again reign supreme and add one of many accolades to come. So why don't you stop lacing your pretty old boots, and forfeit the goddamn match. Or do you want us to beat you to a bloody pulp now?​
  11. *Adam goes for a run around the arena*​
  12. Your right, I'll stop lacing these boots, instead how about we start SummerSlam right here, right now? Sack gets int he face of Jwab Atom & Alias Antonio

    Eddy335 JwabTV
  13. *Adam is training when here hears the announcement making his match official, He smirks a continues training*​
  14. *Rodrigo walks into the locker room*

    Calm down Sack, their time will come. Just wait till SSlam. And you, you've always outnumbered your opponents. Doesnt matter how. But now, Georgie isnt here with you to save you. Now is you, against the IWT, against us. Finally got my spot in the card. And for a gold. Which guarantees me the respect I deserve from those two monkeys (Not said in a racist way :zeb:) that we have as GM. Now, get the hell outta here. You dont want to get your ass kicked even before SummerSlam starts
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    *Alias cunningly smirks*​
    We beat Adam and his partner fair and square last week and they're supposed to be former tag champs?You guys seem much easier to cure. When the time is immaculate, trust US, we will be running at ya like a hound of wolves.....We will save you in due time.........just not now, haha. We'll see you cretins at Summerslam.​
    You are the cancer, WE are the cure.​
    Believe in The Cure.​
    *Alias taps Jwab on the shoulder and they both leave the room*​
  16. *Jacob finds Rodrigo arguing with Alias and Jwab*

    Hey, good luck in your match Rodrigo, I know you'll defeat them. I want one match against you.
  17. Aids walks around the corner, and into the Locker Room, briefcase in hand. He walks around the crowd, grinning something serious. Aids stops at Sackfist, and delivers a pat on the shoulder, before they throw up a high five.

    *Mr Midcard, my brother. Glad to see you keeping those belts relevant. Hey hey hey. (turns to rhodes) Looks like neither of us could stay retired, best of luck, this is going to be something work keeping the fans ready for the main event. The real main event. My match, with Incognito.

    Aids turns and delivers a few low fives to the cure members, and moves back to his locker, preparing for his own summerslam match.
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  18. Sack watches as Jwab & Antonio walk off, he turns back to Rodrigo:

    Yo Spaniard, if we, you and me hombre are going to win the titles in 3 days, then you, speedy gonzalez need to show up, last time I went solo against the cure, how do I know I won't be fighting solo again?

  19. *Jacob, who is there replies in Rodrigo's place*

    Because he's back and ready to fight! If he doesn't show up I will take his place even when I have a falls count anywhere match later on today.