Storyline Backstage Interview: Crusade will be over when it just began

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  1. *Backstage in parking lot, Dexx arrives to arena in his black jeep, he parks it gets out, wearing sunglasses, sweatshirt, jeans, he's also texting Nukem he arrived*

    *Interview guy runs up*
    Interviewer: Duggan! Hey! You got a minute
    Dexx: Lay on the questions mate.
    Int: Well tonight its all on the line for you, Special Guest Referee No DQ Tag match against The Crusade, and if you and Nukem win they must disband. Not to mention the winners are the #1 contenders for the tag team titles-
    Dexx: Alight, alright, and you obviously are wondering how I fell going into this. Now I don't know the guest referee, but I do know that The Crusade is down for an ass kicking tonight, and they're stable will be gone as soon as it formed. Me and my partner are 2 of the hottest breakout stars currently in the IWT we've only been around for a month. It hasn't that good of a run for both of us, but we still share the interest in kicking The Cure's and The Crusade's ass!

    We beg The Crusade tonight, bring Chairs, Kendo Sticks, Tables, Steel Pipes, Handcuffs, fuck! Even bring Gasoline and a lighter for Aussie's sake! *Pause* In fact.......Hang on.

    *Walks back to Jeep, opens truck, a bunch of weapons are back there in a garbage can, lets the camera man take a peek, the can is carrying 2 kendo sticks, a sledgehammer, and 2 chairs*

    Because I don't think I brought enough! Tonight, whoever the ref is, that man, or woman, will be raising me and Nukem's hand the #1 contenders! And then In a few weeks time... you'll be calling Dexx Duggan & Duke Nukem, the new IWT World Tag Team Champions and the fastest rising stars in the industry. That's all mate.

    *Closes Truck of jeep, walks off to the locker room with his ring gear and the weapons*
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  2. *Camera goes to Nukem walking backstage in three quarter length camouflage trousers and a t shirt saying FUCK CLIQUES*
    Interviewer: Mr Nukem, Mr Nukem can i have a minute please sir?
    Duke Nukem: yeh what in the hell do you want?
    Int: Do you think tonight will be a good night in IWT history or a bad one?
    Duke Nukem: Good question, It will be a good one because me and my partner dexx are going to take one of the cliques out today, these ass holes always agree with each other interfere in matches and beat people down together and try to hog all title gold. Well i say fuck that in this business unless you are in a tag team match it is every man for himself and if that isn't the case you know they are scared.
  3. *Rodrigo appears from behind*

    Guys, guys, guys...Do you really know what youre saying? This isnt your war.
    All youve done is talking trash about us, do you really know us? Do we interfere? We dont. Try to hog all title gold? This has nothing to do with the gold. This is personal, I dont care if the title are on the line or not. I want to face the Cure. I want to end the Cure. We arent even a stable. We are three guys that have the same objective. We will take on you tonight. You will put a hell of a match, I know, but you have nothing to do with us, with the Cure. Youre young talent.
    But the fame, the spotlight have washed your brain. We are going to beat you tonight, and we will show you that when you are new, you cant walk around here like if you have been IWT Champ. You just cant. Wait for your moment, it will come. Im sure, but not tonight.

    *Rodrigo leaves*
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  4. *Jacob comes from behind*

    So you are the best young talent in this company because you'll win a title in your first month? That doesn't mean nothing, at least to me it doesn't. You know why I'm saying this? You've done a nice job since you're here, but you... You can't say you are going to win the titles because you haven't even beat us first. I know this is a really expected match. It's not the Main Event, but it's one of the most important matches in the IWT card. You know why? Because the best team will prove they really deserve a tag team championship match. As my partner said, this stuff with The Cure is personal. Doesn't matter if it's for the gold. I don't care about the gold, I've already held those titles with my old tag team partner, Adam Aries. I know how it feels to be champion, but I can assure you there's no better thing in this world than coming out to the ring every week and listening to them. Listening to the people who love you. Listening to the guys who hate you. Coming out and listening to everyone in this arena is a better feeling than having a championship around your waist. But anyways you may not have understood it. Championships don't make a man, a man makes a championship look more or less prestigious. Well, keep training, that's what I'll do until the announcer calls me out.
  5. OOC: Comes from behind? Im sure youve taught adam quite a bit about that....

    I love this thread btw, just had to laugh/hate.
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  6. Lol'd at the homo comment. Anyways, the match is tomorrow so you can laugh at my promos as you've always done.
  7. You still drunk AIDS?
  8. Aids walks in from around the corner, tapping Rodrigo on the shoulder and giving Colton a slap on the shoulder.

    You want the cure? You are just a few jobbers looking to stay relevant. You want to break up the cure? George did more than either of you could ever imagine. You need to look at the present before daydreaming about your future. You will lose in the tag division match. Adam will lose when he faces the Giant David in the x-division title scene (another horrible move by Dat Kid) and you have no chance in messing with the biggest group to compete in an IWT arena. You both are going to lose to these rookies Jacob seems to hate on so often, and after that happens? Adam will lose, and you will be all but irrelevant.

    If you arent buried by the time NoC happens, i will do it myself. Aids vs the Crusade. You want to step up to the plate? Come argue against God, im ready for war.

    *Aids gives each member a pat on the shoulder before walking away, as the others look on, distraught by the hate, while Dexx and Duke wear smiles on their faces.
  9. Sober but it was too mean. Today is not your day.
  10. OOC: Britanica made a ladder match at Extreme Rules where the winner would have a match whenever he wanted against the Euro Champ, as the Euro Championship is now the X division, Adam has the right to face the current X division Champion whenever he wants and he picked Night of Champions (because it's when his contract expires)
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  11. OOC: It isnt the first bad decision Brita has made
  12. Shame on me. The joke was too good for sober AIDS. Thats why I thought you were drunk
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  13. Thanks to her I was the first ever Cruiser-weight Champion, that was a bad decision because I was starting back then. I remember your PM giving me some tips, so I kinda have to thank you because after that, I started to improve so much Kid mentioned me in his promo against you :haha:
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  14. Im glad you are doing better man, everyone can see it, not just From.

    Ill gladly accept credit. :boss1: Now im just waiting on his reply so i can post my 2nd promo and get rid of this shovel im walking around with.
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  15. *Lucas Hacksaw appears backstage watching the TV*

    This is definitely going to be an interesting match because when it starts getting personal hell breaks lose and what is better then seeing both teams pissed off at each other. However, I have found that one team in particular is getting a little arrogant. When you start getting arrogant, it creeps up behind you and causes something called failure. There is nothing more embarrassing then an arrogant person failing. Anyway, good luck to both teams and it would be a shame to see a team disbanded.
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  16. *Duggan & Nukem are now watching a replay of George leaving The Cure and Farooq quitting backstage (He also took his sweatshirt off revealing a FUCK CLIQUES shirt underneath the same as Nukem's), he takes his glasses off*

    Dexx: *looks at a crew member* so there's no #1 contender for the IC Title?
    Crew Member: Don't know... Dat Kid's decision.
    Dexx: *Puts his glasses back* Well whatever happens, happens mate. *Looks at Duke* Cmon, lets get ready.

    *They go get changed into they're ring gear*
  17. *FailFace walks up to Duggan and Nukem outside their locker room holding a Kendo Stick*

    "You know, did you guys see my promo recently? If you did, good, and if you didn't, I'd like to inform you a little bit. I'm looking into a new era, a new era of equalizers, a new era of weapons, and a new era of guys like us to shine in the spotlight. I see with the jeep in the back, you guys are fond of weapons. And I would have to enjoy weapons myself."

    *Glances over at Kendo Stick*

    "And with these groups running around such as the crusade and the cure, which I see you hate as well, I have a little proposition to make to you two. You see, I also have a little stockpile of my own weapons."

    *Walks over to a garage door near the locker room, and pulls it up to reveal Kendo Sticks, chairs, ladders, and tables*

    "And what follows is a little, you pat my back, I'll pat yours. If I you guys start providing a little "assistance" for my matches and I provide a little "assistance" for yours, and we destroy the cure and the crusade and make our way to the top of this company with weapons in tow, ushering in the new era of us. So, do you accept?"
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  18. OOC: I actually picked Payback, Then it was changed a ton of times, I dont have to cash in at NOC but I want to.
  19. OOC: So... More fuicking stables... We trying to stop this stupid stables era and you keep going creating stables? Come on, you must be kidding... Anyways, Adam is banned from the ring (I think that means he can't vote or give us his opinion about who'll win) so it's a two on two tag match. If you decide to create an alliance I'll ask Kid to ban FF from the ring as well.
  20. I think Jonathan said on Skype your contract expires at NoC... Not sure now