Backstage Interview with B.Dazzle

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  1. Interviewer: Ladies and Gentleman I am standing here with the new IWT Intercontinental and tag team champion, B.Dazzle. B.Dazzle, tonight has been the biggest night of your life. You came in to Survivor Series a contender and you will be walking out a double champion. What are your thoughts on your big day?

    B.Dazzle: You want B.Dazzle's thoughts? Fine. B.Dazzle has said for about a month now how Survivor Series was the biggest night of his life. He has talked about week after week, day after day about how he was going to cement himself as an accomplished star in IWT at Survivor Series. This PPV was his chance to finally accomplish something, and that is what he did. B.Dazzle is now a double champion. He has won two titles on the same night, something that few men in this industry will ever have the chance to say. These two championships are B.Dazzle's and he plans on keeping it that way. No matter who challenges him, B.Dazzle will fight to keep his titles. You want to know why? It's because that's the dazzling way! You have all been dazzled by B.Dazzle!

    *B.Dazzle shoves the camera away and walks out.*
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    *gav the chav tries to catch up with b.dazzle but he's too late the interviewer catches up with gav and asks gav a few question*

    Interviewer: so gav how does it feel to win your first title?

    Gav the chav: im not gunna lie it feels fucking mint mate i'm absolutly buzzing

    Interviewer: your friend and tag team @B.Dazzle won the intercontinental title earlier today against eric draven how was your reaction ?

    Gav the chav: i was the proudest man in the arena when i saw him win that title a few months ago i took under my wing we worked on a few things together then together we went to the top and stole the show together and now he's a 2 time champion something which has only ever happened once i believe

    Interviewer: so what are your plans next?

    Gav the chav: well i'm glad you asked first me and dazzle are gunna finish what we started by finishing off the cure once and for all i'm also thinking of following in my mates footsteps and going for a singles title i here somebodies on an 5 month title reign well gav can fix that yes thats right @David™ i want that title of yours so watch out mate gavs coming for you

    Interviewer: one last question have got a message for the cure?

    Gav the chav: yes i have hey ben @TheOvalhead and alias @THG? Guess what *raises tag team belt* look what i've got i have your title hahaha thats right and you ain't getting back thats right you stupid ****s and you can't do nothing to get it back!

    *gav leaves the camera man and catches up with @B.Dazzle who is furiously masturbating over his title wins*
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