Storyline Backstage interview with Farooq

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  1. *on the titantron, it shows the interview area in the backstage with one of the interviewer women*

    Interviewer: Hello, I'm here with former X-Division champion Farooq.​
    *crowd pop of cheers*

    Interviewer: Today I ask him his thoughts of the tournament and about Summerslam, so Farooq what are your thoughts on Summerslam?​
    Me: Well it's obvious isn't it? It was an interesting event. Many would suspect that I would be heart broken to lose my X-Division championship, but in reality I'm not. Losing the championship widens the doors to new opportunity, like the tournament I am currently in right now. It doesn't surprise me that Suicide and Joel didn't make Dat Kid happy, because who would want to support an old washed up disrespectful hag? The tag team match was interesting, but I'll leave no comment for it. The World Championship match was an interesting bout, but I do agree that Victoria was the better fighter that night and deserves that championship. She has fought her whole way here, and even though she has betrayed a few people, she still clawed her way to the top and has stayed there.​
    Aids did deserve his win as well. While many will object, he is still someone whom I competed with since day one here in the IWT. He is a former world champion, and has a guaranteed shot to another World title match. He has worked hard as well to get to where he is at, but I will let him, and everybody else know one thing. Once the tournament is over, I will be the one with the IWT championship. I will not allow anybody to stop me, not Victoria, not Aids, not the Cure *crowd boos* or anybody.​
    Interviewer: Interesting words from you, but one more question...what happened to Dat Kid's office?

    Me: Some stupid with a match gun, burned the place to the ground.​
    Interviewer: Wow, I guess you can say there was smoke on the water. ​