Storyline Backstage Interview with The Order before Mania

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  1. *An IWT interviewer is seen leading a camera crew backstage. Deep into the bowels of the building it seems. Lights flicker and water can be heard dripping as the camera weaves through the halls. The interviewer looks over his shoulder and speaks into camera*
    INTERVIEWER: As IWTMania gets underway we are going to try and get a last word from The Order of Night before their tag team championship match tonight against The Dazzling Chavs. I think I saw their sign somewhere down here. Aha, there it is.

    *The interviewer rounds a corner to his left and the camera follows. A set of large metal doors sits in front of the IWT crew with a small sign that reads "The Order" hanging on them. What looks like old graffiti in black on the doors says "Abandon all hope ye who enter here". The interviewer looks back at the camera one more time before pushing one of the metal doors open enough to slide in. It squeaks loudly in the quiet underbelly of the arena. And the crew enter*

    *Dramatic pause*

    *The room is dark as the 2 crew members make their way into the room with nothing but the light on the camera lighting their way.*
    INTERVIEWER: I think its this wa---ack!

    *The camera whips quickly to show a hand around the interviewer's throat. The camera follows the arm up and it is revealed to be Trip in the Head of the Order. Marcus Anthony is seen dimly lit in the background over Trip's right shoulder. Trip leans close to the interviewer and says with a low guttural voice*
    TRIP: You have ten seconds to convince us why we shouldn't end you right here and now. *Trip loosens his grip enough to allow the interviewer continue. The interviewer swallows hard before continuing nervously*

    INTERVIEWER: *trembling*We just wanted to ask you a few questions before your match tonight.

    *Trip looks annoyed and looks back at Marcus who nods his head. Trip releases his hold on the interviewer.*
    TRIP: Fine. You get 3 questions. Make it quick pipsqueak.

    *The interviewer straightens his collar and stands up straight before continuing.*
    INTERVIEWER: Ok, question number one - The Order was ranked #1 in the IWT power 10 going into Mania. But we have not seen much interaction between you two and the other members of The Order of Night, Farooq and Alias Antonio. And with the original leader of your group gone, rumors are circulating that The Order is no more. Do you have any comments on that?

    TRIP: Alias and Farooq have their own agendas to attend to. We know if we needed them they would have our backs, just like we would have theirs should they need it. And thats all it amounts to. Fortunately we are all capable of handling ourselves out there and we do not need each other often. Thats why you don't "see us hanging out", moron. As far as Britannica being gone and The Order of Night still existing, do you not see us standing here in front of you!? We ARE the Order and that's all you need to know. Next question dipshit.

    INTERVIEWER: Oh, ok, um, well speaking of the other members of the Order, how do you think their chances are here tonight at IWTMania 2?

    TRIP: Well Farooq is having his match as we speak I believe. Not that he has much competition. We have all the faith in the world that he will not be beaten by the likes of FTJ. Who is he, Dat Kid? Wait, don't answer that question. And Alias, well he's been on quite a roll lately hasn't he? He took down Joey Bryant, a feat I failed to do in the elimination chamber. Sounded a little like he thinks he's better than me now. Well, we'll see. I don't think he'll have much of a challenge tonight though. If he ever really does. You got one more skippy, better make it good.

    INTERVIEWER: Well, concerning your match tonight against the Dazzling Chavs, Dazzle had a few words for you guys earlier. He seems quite ready to defend his belt tonight, yet many in the IWT Universe believe they are the underdogs going into this match against you two. Your comments?

    TRIP: Who is the underdog? Who has the advantage? Who CAAAAARES? Marcus and I came together in the IWT for one reason. To prove that we belong amongst the best in this business. We may not yet be considered top tier contenders in this company, but we are well on our way to proving that's where we belong. After tonight, there will be no doubt left in anyone's mind who the dominant force in the IWT tag team division is. And its only up from there boys. You know, I'm glad the Dazzler is ready to defend his title tonight. I wouldn't want it any. Other. Way. If we expect to be taken seriously here in IWT then we need serious opponents, not chumps who claim they lost due to illness. So bring the best you got with you tonight Dazzling Chavs. After all we've been through, this long ass road to IWTMania, you two better be ready for a fight....because thats what you're going to get. Believe that. And after Mania, The Order of NIght's hold over the IWT will be more powerful than EVER! Say it with me now tiny! *as Trip leans in real close to the interviewers face and yells* GIVE IN TO THE ORDER! *the camera shaking as he yells it*

    *Trip suddenly grabs the interviewer by the throat again and moves him towards Marcus. Trip holds him up so his feet barely touch the ground. A look of terror spreads across his face*
    TRIP (to Marcus): You got anything you want to say to this piece of trash before I throw him out like the garbage he is?
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  2. Marcus:To think just a few months back...we were an afterthought. I was a drunk who inebriated myself to keep back what makes me who I truly am. They call me The Phoenix and just like the mythical beast, I rose from the ashes with the flame as powerful as the flame of a thousand suns yearning to ignite my path to greatness and to leave my mark in the IWT. To our fallen leader, to which I grabbed the reigns, I thank you. You brought out the The Phoenix to use as your personal weapon of mass destruction. *Marcus grabs the camera* Britanica I know you're at home watching just know that I'll do what you TRIED to. Lead us to victory because what didn't kill me made me STRONGER and later tonight, the Chavs will beg for mercy. They'll hope that we let them give in. Darkness.....has.....fallen

    *Marcus smashes the camera and the feed cuts out*
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  3. Is it just me or does The Order have the best fucking back story and CURRENT Gimmick in IWT History, lol. Good job Arab and Trip you guys are truly my favorites in IWT.
  4. OOC: Thanks, just a little brain child of me, Hammer and Brit. Farooq and THG "joined us" eventually