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  1. The camera's pan around the room, and Aids Johnson is just finishing a conversation with Senhor Perfect . They realize the camera is on them, and Aids gives Senhor a high five and they laugh as Senhor walks out the door of the locker room. Aids takes his time walking towards the camera, flexing like a jackass and making sure to grab his briefcase before walking to the interviewer.

    Hoke Ogan: Aids, we have seen you are in a match with Incognito, who is little known at best, do you have any fears or are you fully prepared?

    Aids: I dont think there is a chance in hell im going to job to this mystery man, I think everyone knows that Aids Johnson does what it takes.

    Hoke: We are well aware of your IWT history, and what you have done to be successful. We also witnessed a near-cash in over a badly injured Erik Draven. Anything you have to explain?

    Aids: Erik Draven is a bum, and doesnt deserve anything given to him. He went out as champion and surrendered his belt, while I kept things together. Everything ive done has been for this company. I am the man who left to make things better, the man who made you all see what Dat Kid is capable of, and im not talking about his wheelchair, and the man who is Mr. Money. In. The. Bank. I'm here, and the fans couldnt be luckier to have me.

    Hoke: Where is the answer? I asked you a question.

    Aids: What more do you want from me? Erik Draven is a bum, his friend Alkaline is a bum, and you are a jackass for coming here thinking i would give you what you want. Please get out of my face now, i have better things to do than bother with a fat piece of humble pie.
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  2. *Alkaline walks in and stops Aids in the door. The two stare at each other before alkaline speaks*

    AK: So, I'm a bum huh? And you are supposed to be what? Judging by your look I'd guess decently priced gigolo. And, funny that you say that my good old friend Draven is a bum, but why? Because the odds where against him and this company is too retarded to hire competent medical staff? Oh that's cute. You claim to be so high and mighty Aids but you know what I see when I look at you? A disease, just like your name implies. A chump playing champ and quite frankly a schmuck with a fancy lunchbox I normally wouldn't look twice at.

    But since you decided to mock a good friend of mine, who currently can't defend himself. You've got my attention. But its not the kind of attention you want...

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  3. It's exactly the attention i want. I was hoping you would show your face in here, so the world can see what kind of competitor i am. What i do for the crowd. You want to brawl? I'd face you tonight, but it looks like im all booked up. You want to face me? Show up sunday, and lets see what kind of competitor you are.
  4. Sunday huh, now here's the thing. I'm facing Farooq on Saturday so the idiots backstage gave me Sunday off. But i certainly don't have a problem murdering you if that's what you're asking for.

    *Alkaline elbows Aids Johnson in the face and throws him into the lockers as the two start brawling, trading blows and throwing each other into the lockers as the brawl soon spills out of the locker room.*
  5. *Senhor hears the ruckus, comes back in and pulls Alkaline off of his buddy*
  6. Akaline slams Senhor's head into a fire extinguisher and keeps brawling with Aids*
  7. *aids starts bleeding above his right eye, and starts to throw kidney punches to Alkaline while leaving his face open, receiving more hits to the face.
  8. *Alkaline pushes Aids off of him but Aids tackles him into the wall. Aids goes back to working his kidneys until alkaline punches him to the ground. Alkaline rips a fire extinguisher from the wall and looks to throw it at Aids face but Aids rolls away.*
  9. *Senhor tries to sit up but falls back down still very out of it*
  10. *As Aids rolls away, he gets up to deliver a low blow to alkaline, but it doesnt stop Alkaline from delivering another swing from the extinguisher. Alkaline plants the Extinguisher to Aids' head, as Senhor gets to his feet.
  11. *Alkaline stands over Aids holding the extinguisher and starts trash talking to him as Senhor gets up to his feet slowly*

    AK: You like that huh? Get back up you briefcase wanker! Or I'll start working over your geriatric boyfriend next!
  12. Aids and Senhor huddle briefly before Senhor goes for a knee block and Aids goes for a clothesline
  13. Aids goes for his move, but is met with an extinguisher to the stomach, he cowers on the ground gasping for air.
  14. *Alkaline takes Senhor's knee block and falls to his knees, dropping the fire extinguisher. He turns on his knees and tackles Senhor to the ground and the two start pummeling each other as Aids gets to his feet.*
  15. *Senhor spits in AK's eyes waiting for Aids to make the next move
  16. *Alkaline rolls around covering his eyes, swearing like a sailor*
    AK: You son of a motherfucking, cannon sucking, shepherd wanking, Cornwall living, butt stuffing, gypsy dressed clitmuncher!"
  17. *The Woodwarrior makes an apperance*

    Well if it isn't the MITB winner, Mr. Prediction eh? How's this for a prediction bub, when you and I have our first match I will have your blood stained on the canvas for all of eternity. I don't care what it's for, but you're cocky attitude has rubbed me the wrong way. Too often i've seen you try to take advantage of people here in the IWT. The GMS basically let you run this program. When are you going to put on your big boy boots and face someone you know is better? I'm just biding my time until you make a mistake, and i'm going to take you out.
  18. Aids gets up, delivering a gut punch to Danielson, sending him to his knees. As aids turns Senhor blocks a punch from Alkaline, and they team up on their opponent, delivering punches in sequence to the now grounded Alkaline.

  19. So you "gut punch" me, nice.

    *Throws aids off a building*
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  20. *Suicide attacks Warrior from behind with a clothesline to the back of the neck*

    Suicide: You belittled me in front of everyone,how dare you think you'd get off scott free.
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