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  1. *The camera pans in on Suicide who is in the interview area,the world title rests on his shoulder. Dat Chocolate From Jersey and airbourne908 are by his side*​
    Interviewer: So Suicide, how does it feel being the world champion?​
    Suicide:"What can I say? It feels good."​
    Interviewer: What are The People Of Tomorrow's plans?​
    *Suicide smirks*​
    Suicide: "It's simple,we take over IWT and mold it to the way we see fit. We will change IWT for the better."​
    Interviewer: You take on Senhor Perfect on August 2nd,what are your thoughts?​
    Suicide: "It's going to be hard,but, it's nothing I can't handle. If I couldn't handle it I wouldn't be standing here your world champion."​
    Interviewer: You face Victoria Parker at SummerSlam in a unification match,do you have a strategy to win?​
    *Suicide laughs a bit before answering*​
    Suicide: "I don't need a stragety,she's week and doesn't deserve a title,much less two."​
    *The interviewer turns their attention to Kid and Bourne*​
    Interviewer: Would you two like to add anything?​

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    OOC: Nice deal, waiting on Dat kid's crippled legs to slowly ease on over to the microphone. Could take days.
  7. *Snatches the mic from the interviewer and nods for him to go away*
    The IWT is sleeping right now. Sleeping on the very group that will soon control all corners of this business. With a dominant champion in Suicide and soon to be champion in Airbourne. Well IWT you keep sleeping on us and you'll see how fast we take over without you noticing and by the time you wake up The People of Tomorrow will have already taken over.

    I would like to take the time to address a few people. The first of which is that band of idiots that call themselves The Cure. You're all a bunch of misguided rookies who swear they'll come in here to change IWT. Well IWT is changing, you can believe that, but it won't be because of any of you wrestlers who aren't even qualified to lace *points to Airbourne & Suicide* these guys' boots. The change comes from us, not you, so you can go back to whatever backwater cesspool of an indy circuit you came from because the IWT belongs to us.

    Aids Johnson I know you're out there with your Money in the Bank briefcase thinking you're going to cash in. *Kid laughs* Suicide is ready for you because that's who you'll be facing if you have the courage to cash in against him. Well that is unless you decide to cash in on Victoria Parker before Summerslam, which won't be much better since you would LOSE to my apprentice in the unification match anyway. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a word of advice. Suicide is ready at any moment, he could fight 6 other men in a handicap match, and he would still have enough energy to whoop your ass up and down that ring at any time! We're waiting.

    Senhor Perfect the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. The man who lost everything, but somehow managed to keep that belt, time and time again. With a man with such a legacy, I've never seen more people wanting you gone. All around the backstage I hear people waiting for you to retire, waiting for you to get a career ending injury. These people are tired of your shit.

    Your run of the mill I fight for my family garbage. If you really fought for your family you would be the IWT Champion, but you're not and you know why? It's because you're a fraud! You don't give a shit about anyone other than yourself and that includes your wife and kids! I know you're a champion, you have a busy schedule, when's the last time you actually went to that sorry excuse for a North America country and saw your family?

    While you try to desperately hang on to your glory days here in the IWT, your children go up to your wife and say "Will daddy ever come home?" and what I would like to think your wife says is this *imitates the face of an old woman with no teeth* "Daddy's not coming home because he's to busy being a self absorbed ****". *The crowd is heard booing from backstage* At Summerslam I will do your family a favor and have Airbourne send you packing at Summerslam. I hope your children are watching right now. *Kid gets closer to the camera* Hi guy *Kid waves to the camera* DADDY'S COMING HOME!

  8. Oh yeah, what a mighty champion you have, needing a fucking cripple to fight his battles for him who was handed the title.

    I'll give you your point though, I was desperate against my old buddy Aids at that point and brought up my family. But that's the last mistake I've ever made. I see them more often than matches you lost in this company during your career, and that's more than plenty. My legacy is going to be that when I retire, it'll be with my IC title and an unbeaten defense record. When that'll be is when I say so not any of you losers out here or in the back.

    Prepare your boy Kid, he's about to be schooled by the best damn champ this company has ever seen. After I beat him in this non title match, maybe I'll go after that title he was handed.
  9. "Something is missing here" is heard, breaking the tension between Senhor and Dat crew, and as the camera shifts to the doorway, Aids Johnson is closing the door back behind him, for some reason not holding onto his briefcase. He gives senhor a high five and throws a middle finger salute towards Shadow before pushing the microphone out of dat kid's hand and onto the floor below. The camera shifts down to the ground as the soundpiece is shrieking, the cameraman cringing in pain. The camera is now grounded, only showing the boots of the stars in the room, with Dat Kid's cane inbetween the sets of feet, keeping the two teams apart.

    Did someone say my name? Of course you did. Everyone knows Senhor Perfect is one of the greatest champions to ever grace this company, and i know it must be hard to admit defeat in the eyes of the locker room you suffered so much abuse in, but people like you, from, are left to manage people like Shadow. I saw this interview preparing, but couldnt be bothered to listen to what was being said, as i was too quick to turn off the monitor and head where i belong. You see, I had to come here, to save this interview. (Aids kicks at the cameraman, Laughing while taunting at him to get up, suddenly turning and scooting his feet closer and closer to dat kid's stick. He and Dat kid exchange words, but the sounds are muffled as if being whispered)

    *The camera gets back up slowly, and after turning/adjusting back to the stars, Dat kid is now standing behind Shadow and Airbourne, both seemingly protecting him from Aids/Senhor's taunting advancements.

    You want to discuss my briefcase? I have it locked up in a special place. See, you stated the obvious, there is no reason for me to cash in before SS. You, Shadow, Airbourne, and even Dr. Perfect over here know that isn't the kind of game i play. I could pretend like i have some interest in that title (points to shadows WHC belt) but even after senhor beats the life out of you next week, i have no reason for the minor league championship. CrayJ Lee and you are going to face each other, knowing full well that even after you give 100% to beat your opponent, ill be coming in at full charge to make sure my presence is felt. I am Mr. Money in the bank, IWT's legend, and soon to be the first ever, 2 time IWT champion.

    You can talk about the cure, you can talk about yourselves, but just remember who is spending time in the minds of anyone/everyone here, from the crowd to the locker room. Aids. Johnson.

    *Aids pats Senhor on the back, laughing.
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    *lights flicker in the arena

    *Crowd woos

    *Superstars watch what's going on from the Broadcast airing backstage

    *A man comes out but we cannot see his face

    *He starts dancing to his theme
    Show Spoiler


    *The lights in the arena goes out for 2 seconds and the man has disappeared and the music has faded away

    Commentator 1: What in the world happened?
    Commentator 2: Bigger question, who in the world was that?

    *Everyone backstage is confused
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