Backstage news on ADR being more aggressive

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  1. Remember the source people.

    Anyway, ADR as WHC or Sheamful as WHC? Not sure which is more boring.
  2. Rather have Sheamus as champion
  3. ADR if he outs Sheamus out for a few months
  4. I'd prefer ADR too just for his entrance music.
  5. Ruthlessness: :yay:

    Doing it via the Armbar of Death: :no:

    Wont take the guy seriously until he drops that move... and an ADR world title run sounds like a fucking joke. He's not over at all...

    I'd happily take the MITB winner having a long reign.
  6. Personally I'm a big fan of his armbar because he performs it pretty well. It looks like it fucking hurts.
  7. Crossing the legs does nothing at all to the armbar. It has the same effect from a normal armbar.
  8. So Del Rio attacks people and has been in a few world title matches and is a former world champion who's got a very quick push and these geniuses are getting paid for saying he's more aggressive and going to win the title?
  9. #wwelogic
  10. Laaaaaame. Both boring, ADR simply cannot sell his aggresiveness. Idk why, I just can't see it in him at all.
  11. I think he's quite a good aggressive wrestler. Some of his attacks actually look like they can hurt.
  12. They just can't book Del Rio the way he should be, you can see that. He works very well, you can see he always does great matches, has a great look and is entertaining. When I say entertaining, there's the first problem. He can work promos decently, but the material they give him is horrible. His promos consist of recapitulating his recent actions or saying "I will be the World Heavyweight Champion at (insert next PPV here)." He's rich, right? How do we know that? He's got cars and a ring announcer. He should be bribing refs, buying his way into contendership, he should be similar to Ted DiBiase. That is, if they want to go with the "rich guy" gimmick. They could always change his gimmick, but the problem is they always keep him in the main event. They should get him back to the midcard for a while and tweak his character as they should, so he gets some reaction from the crowds or something. He's very talented, Vince likes him and is trying to get the guy in the spotlight, get him attention, but they're just too stubborn to admit they need to make changes to his persona. And instead of doing that, they want to give him the World Title? Let's say... bad decision.
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  13. Awesome post.
  14. It does hurt..:dawg:
  15. I want to see ADR as champion, tired of sheamus and ADR is a great seller. I dont mind the armbar, as i guess i grew up with the leg drop/elbow drop finishers, and still mark out for submissions such as Hart's and Flair's, both of which i dont find to be that amazing. Just my opinion though, if they wanted him to be heel they need to switch the music and have him hurt people who can sell injuries. Sheamus just destroyed someone within a minute of the crew going into detail on his injury. BS.