Backstage News on Damien Sandow

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. -LOP
  2. HHH's big project... awesome for Sandow and for us, he's really entertaining. :gusta:
  3. Yeah, curious to see where this will go.
  4. They seem to be booking him correctly up until now, I think it'll work very well.
  5. Yeah, a tag match with Rhodes.. Not bad!
  6. You know you have a good future If you're "HHH's project" Sandow is great right now, drawing a decent amount of heat, if used correctly I'm sure he'll be a mid card champion in no time.
  7. Sheamus trains with HHH... Imagine.
  8. They're taking their time with Sandow, not rushing him into any titles, solidifying him in the midcard first, working his excellent gimmick he plays wonderfully... his future will be great I think.
  9. HHH used this same gimmick before, didn't he?
  10. Yes he did, he was a British prince or something like that. I can see Damien being US Champion soon, it'll be perfect, he's a good wrestler with a great gimmick who gets great heat. Glad to see he'll go far.
  11. He was the "Connecticut Blue Blood", basically a conceited rich guy who talked down to everybody. He talked with a fancy upper-crust New England accent, bowed to people, wore his hair in a ponytail tied with a velvet bow.

    He was more of a wealthy elitist where Sandow is an intellectual elitist, but, yes, a very similar gimmick.

  12. This is awesome. HHH actually has an eye for talent, but I wish Ambrose was your fucking project.
  13. Another HHH project

    Damien Sandow sucks
  14. Sandow > Kelly...


    I know.. Pun indended.