Backstage News on Original Plans for Divas Revolution, How John Cena Had Those Plans Changed

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  1. According to several sources in WWE, the original plan for WWE’s “Divas Revolution” called for Charlotte to win the title from Nikki Bella almost immediately upon arrival, and for Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to dominate the incumbents. But John Cena, acting on behalf of girlfriend Nikki Bella, went to Vince McMahon and had that squashed.

    The result is the booking we are seeing now in the Divas Revolution on WWE TV, with Divas old and new trading wins, just like the men.


    Surprised? I'm not :cenanope:
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  2. Well as much as I think Nikki is a shitty champ, giving Charlotte a Paige-esque debut would have been pretty bad.
  3. As much as I can't stand Nikki as divas' champ, this whole divas revolution thing has been decent. #PraiseMamaStephanie
    Hope Nikki drops the title to either Sasha or Charlotte at NOC, though.
  4. I thought the whole goal behind nikis reign was to out do AJ Lee's
  5. #PraiseMamaStephanie for msaking this revolution forced and corny
  6. What else is she going to do, come out before a title match and try to hype it up without knowing any of the backstory? Oh, wait...
  7. Maybe come out and be her consistent evil heel character...Wait a minute.....
  8. She probably went to Cena like, "Jaaaawn, can you tell Vince that I want to keep my title." **kiss*
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  9. You're telling me that she's trying to play both sides of the fence, instead of actually trying to contribute where it matters? Say it ain't so!
  10. It's obvious they want Nikki to break AJ Lee's record title reign. I'm not buying this.
  11. I don't really think John Cena plays politics in the divas division.
  12. She prob gave john some huge sexual favors and then he came to Vince and said "you can't see me..." To which Vince replied "you're right... The divas title should stay on the Bella girl" and that was it
  13. Cena and Nikki are in a relationship, actually
  14. I know this. I was just messing around.
  15. Guess I couldn't smell the joke you were cooking. lol
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  16. All I know is if Nikki beats AJ's record someone better beat Nikki's record right after. Stupid ass title reign
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  17. This. Couldn't have been said better! :bodallas:
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  18. PCB & Sasha will just continually trade it every couple of months, with a Bella reign here and there of course.
  19. Yeah, this does seem made up. Also, nothing wrong with building it up instead of hot shotting the belt onto her like they've never done that before (I'm not sure how effective the booking actually is because I'm not really watching Raw but still).
  20. :christian:God dammit Cena... just let it happen
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