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  2. Maybe bringing back old talents? Joey Ryan please. I'd be satisfised with Morgan, Crimson or Taeler too. :ksi:
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  3. That's great :yay: A happy talent will feel more motivated to try harder. Really hope one of the guys they resign is Joey Ryan, it would be awesome to see him as TNA Knockouts referee :gusta:
  4. Gonna impose my will on Dixie twitter to bring back Crimson and Ryan. :ksi:
  5. Im surprised talent morale is up considering they dont get paid on time and with all the news on TNA going out of business they should be very cautious. Also how the hell is TNA going back to Orlando to film the tapings there when Universal kicked them out?
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    They weren't kicked out the contract expired I believe.

    It's not a great source but according to this they ended the lease not vice versa.
  7. Happy talent = better shows (hopefully). TNA should be improving now. :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. Great to see TNA being less afraid to do what's *ahem* best for business. Less expenses = more revenue = talent being paid + on time. Hasn't their developmental improved at the IZ as well? Lets face it, OVW didn't get them much. That way the roster can be restocked with guys like Joe and Angle training them. But Morgan asked for his release (can't blame him) so can't expect him back. Bring back Crimson for sure, and you can get plenty of indy talents on pay-per-appearance deals or cheap contracts to stock the rest of the divisions.
    Me too. :gusta:
  9. It'd be pretty cool if a few of the released guys came back.
  10. 1. In June and July, they weren't gettting paid on time. Now it is October and they are all getting paid on time ever since the end of July.

    2. There have never been "news" about TNA going under, it's just dumb exxagerration from IWC wannabes and dickheads who wanna say "I told you so".

    3. Universal didn't kick them out, that's an idiotic thing to say. TNA simply decided to take a step forward and go on the road full time (didn't work out). And if they somehow did kick TNA out, why would they be accepting them again and even giving them 2 more studios to use?
  11. Using logic for a minute why would Universal kick them out? TNA paid for the stage, took no money from universal I think and were an easy thing to promote to people in the park. Sure they'd have paid maintenance on the stage but that would have surely been less than the charge to use the stage.
  12. TNA was paying a monthly lease to them of around half million dollars. Why would anyone want to lose that kind of money by kicking out TNA? Lol @ BLFFL's "logic".
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