Backstage News On WWE's Dr. Shelby

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Sep 16, 2012.

  2. :lol1: Do it. Also, please, have Harold come out to celebrate with them once they win the titles.
  3. Haha.

  4. It'd be great to see Kane & Bryan winning the titles but not only that, they'd win the titles with Truth screwing up, then Kofi & Truth start having a tad of a conflict and it ends with Truth turning on Kofi and they feud.
  5. Yeah I've been calling a R-truth heel turn for a while now, he's like 41-42 so a final heel run would be good.
  6. Yeah, still not sure why they had to turn him face on the first place. I want another heel run for him to entertain me.
  7. And then hopefully after the feud Kofi can move onto the US or IC title scene.
  8. Yeah... again. :downer:
  9. I mark for Shelby
  10. I can tell by your Avatar brother.
  11. Bumping to bury the Kelly Kelly thread.

    This would be awesome, he'll awkwardly look on and cringe whenever Kane hits a power move. He'll give his weak-little opinions as Bryan yells at him... The reactions would just be too golden.
  12. Wait...... He isn't a real doctor?

    That's it! I'm spamming his Facebook page calling him out like everyone did for Claire lynch!!!

    "do the right thing for this baby AJ!"
  13. Really hope he's there, would be awesome. :burns:
  14. If i see Kane hug another person im gonna shit my pants in anger
  15. He'll probably hug someone tonight so get ready.
  16. i know, i got my Depends on
  17. :lol1:
  18. Nice.
  19. :win:
  20. i love Dr shelby :emoji_grin:!!!!