News Backstage plans for WWE Title Match

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 18, 2013.

  2. I still fail to see how this would turn Orton heel. He could punt Daniel Bryan into orbit, he will still get cheered the next night (if not immediately after the punt).

    Aside from that, it sounds great. Give Bryan marks that quick taste and take it away. DB will always be better as the underdog, so I'd rather he chase the title some more before getting a proper WWE Title reign.
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  3. Kinda sounds like guess work (I predicted that myself) but yeah, it's always a possiblity they have it in mind.
  4. OMG Vince is screwing Daniel Bryan WTF

    Randy Orton as WWE champion fuck no this cant happen
  5. I agree with Dolph's. Bryan as the chaser is better when he works as a face. At least when feuding with bigger guys.

    But yeah, Orton would have to murder a child in ring to turn heel. Especially if he makes a surprise return to cash in.
  6. Lol the crowd would be going wild for Bryan, then insane for the punt it stands to work. Wish it wasn't so but I see the logic though.
  7. DB winning the WWE championship? :yes:

    DB losing it immediately to Orton? :no:
  8. Oh yeah. A predictable thing coming.
  9. I also agree with Dolph's. It'd be better in the long run.

    >beats Cena clean
    >"screwed" by Orton
    >beats Orton clean
    >decent-great title reign
  10. Pretty predictable to say the least,but, the tweener Orton and face Bryan feud was pretty good the first time around so this time it should be even better espically since Orton will be a heel and it's for the strap. Also,like D'Z and Alkaline said Bryan does make one hell of a chaser. This feud might last until WM30 or later and it has potential to be FotY.

  11. I'd agree with you if Orton kept the same look. If he turns heel, give him a makeover. Grow the dude's hair a bit. In fact, my idea is to make him more corporate Give the dude lenses.. maybe side burns.

    I enjoyed the changes, Hogan, Triple H and JBL made to give their heel runs more credibility. They can't just be the mental but the physical transformation is necessary to pull this off

  12. [​IMG]

    This was the look he rocked during his previous heel run. It suited the character he was going for then. Any look changes need to be set after the character he will portray imo. If he will be the corporate champ then suit on, clean shave and shades. Every great corporate heel rocked shades.
  13. Agreed... and if this McMahon/Triple H feud he could be apart of it (though I'm not necessarily campaigning for another Triple H/Orton feud).

    They could play on the fact that Orton was McMahon's originally choice to lead the company before Cena... only he wasn't ready then, but now he is...MITB swayed Vince to finally have faith in Randy Orton

    From that point, Triple H gets behind Danielson to put down Orton... he tells him Orton's weaknesses and so on...the title may switch between those times but ultimately pay off at WrestleMania

    Triple H's ego may take a hit by not wrestling at the big dance, but he'd better start getting accustomed to it if he takes this job as serious as Vince has
  14. inb4 danny commits suicide.
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  15. I don't think that's going to happen. DB vs John Cena is more than a one PPV feud, let alone a PPV feud that'll get upstaged by Orton right off the back. I can see this being included with the McMahon feud as we saw it hinted at last Raw, but this feud won't be ended so quickly with Orton.
  16. Predictable but an awesome twist. Bryan finally wins the big one by pinning John Cena of all people but in swoops Orton to steal the championship right from him and get his own personal 'revenge' for losing to Bryan before on Raw.