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  1. Thread to RP as your characters
  2. Knight is outside the Arena, His Suitcase in his hand and a British Flag in the other. He takes a Breath of Air then Spits on the floor.

    Knight: Filthy American Air, It's always the same disgusting thing, Nothing new, The Smell of Oil, Fast Food and Capitalism Disgusts me....I must make way to my Locker room to get away from all these pheasants that shall arrive.

    Knight Walks into the Arena and Into a locker room, which he claims as British Only, Placing his suitcase down on one bench and his hanging his British Flag up else where.
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  3. *The British Kid walks into the arena and starts to walk around,getting used to the surroundings*
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  4. *Ricky Bobby approaches the door of Knight's locker room, right after he got done putting up the British Only sign and the flag. He signals to Cal Naughton Jr. with a hand signal and he runs over. Ricky points at the sign and flag.*

    "Looks like we got us a disgrace to this company, this makes me sick. No really, Cal hold me up I'm about to... I'm about to..."

    *Ricky turns away and gags and looks back at Cal.*

    "THIS IS DISGUSTING. Open up, America's knocking amigo!"

    *Rick begins pounding on Knight's door.*
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  5. *Cal puts his hand on Ricky's shoulder*

    Ricky! I don't think Jesus would like this. Remember, I can't hurt anyone unless they hurt my friends. And he hasn't hurt you. Maybe if you let him get the first shot. Huh?

    *Ricky stares at Cal in distaste*

    Why ya eyeballin' me like that? Alright, maybe that was a little harsh. I apologize. But, you know how we are with foreigners. Remember Frenchy? He ripped you a new one when he broke your arm and took you out of competition. We need to learn from our mistakes and take this tea sippin', British flag waving, Yellow teethed numb nuts back to where he came. And we're gonna do that in the ring. Shake & Bake.
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  6. Knight is busy listening to His Queen albums as Rick pounds The Door. He looks at the door and Smiles before turning the volume up and signing "We are the Champions", Blocking out the annoying sound of Ricky Bobby's knocking.
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  7. Mr. Wonderful is backstage with his manager Marlena, oiling up and admiring himself in the mirror while she grooms his stash
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  8. *The British Kid is walking around*
    BK: where is everybody?
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  9. "You got a point, Cal."

    *Ricky begins furiously punching the door.*

    "HEY! This isn't a joke! You have company Mr.Red Coat."
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  10. *Cal is seen in the background eating Pizza from the catering table. He screams with his mouth full.*

    YOU GOT IT, RICKY! *omnomnomnomnom*
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  11. Knight laughs as the Track changes to "I want it all". He stares at the door, continuing to Laugh at Rick's persistence and he sits back down. He Opens up his suitcase and begins to read a British Newspaper that was imported to a shop near the Arena. He Reads his paper as he Drink a can of coke.

    Knight: American's are awfully persistent for people who spend the majority of their day in Fast Food restaurants. If only Jarvis was here, we could make a bet on how fat this guy at my door is.
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  12. *Ricky stops and hunches over and takes deep breaths with his hands on his knees.*

    "It's.... just not... worth it... Cal."

    *He catches his breath and walks over to him and takes his pizza and bites it.*

    "Ya know, it's just rude for him not to open his door like that!"

    *Takes another bite.*

    "We'll deal with him in the ring I guess."
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  13. *All-American American American Jwab Atom walks into the backstage area. Fans somehow break into the backstage area and they are asking for autographs from Jwab. Jwab grabs his trusty AMERICAN sharpee and starts signing away*

    If it isn't Michelle Obama?

    Michelle Obama: I'M A HUGE FAN!!!!

    *Signs her cleavage and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Barack Obama walks up furiously and demands a kiss on the cheek. Jwab hugs Obama instead*

    Jwab: It's good to be here in.... what is this place again? *looks at hand and reads the lines from his hand* Oh yeah, this is Federation X. It's good to be here in Federation X.

    OOC - I'm pretty much using this as a testing ground for my American pro character for AMW. I was thinking of being Brad Maddox (Whose gimmick serves like Deadpool who breaks the fourth wall and flies in on dragons) but I was like ehhhh
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  14. *Camera Pans Over*

    A title is shown in the shadows, With Wonderful looking at a prototype Fed-X World title [​IMG]
  15. *The British Kid walks into the Arena and sees the Match Card*
    Kid: Bruce Knight? i have a Knight as a tag team partner? can he see where i am to tag under his helmet? lets see if i can see him
    *The British Kid starts walking around looking for Bruce*
  16. Commentator 1 : Who is that walking backstage in?
    Commentator 2: I don't know I can't good look at him he wearing Hoodie with that thing that cover your head
    Commentator 1 : It look like he going in the GM Room?
  17. Aiden is walking backstage area looking for some of the superstars and officials.

    "Pretty empty in here..."

    Aiden then makes his way into the locker room and open's he's locker to store his items in.
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  18. Suddenly one of the locker's besides Aiden opens up and Snake walks out. He's in his ring gear as he closes the locker and walks off.
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  19. *The British Kid is in the Gym pratising his kicks*
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  20. Aiden See's Snake walk out and smiles to himself
    "Nice to meet you to."

    Aiden mocks to himself putting he's boots inside the locker.
    He closes the locker and grab's he's hat.
    Aiden heads for the door.
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