Storyline Backstage with B.Dazzle

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  1. Interviewer: B.Dazzle, after getting attacked and your title stolen by a mystery man just a few nights ago, you were able to get your hands on him tonight. Do you...

    *B.Dazzle puts his hand in front of the interviewers face.*

    B.Dazzle: Listen, and listen good. B.Dazzle knows you want his thoughts. Every time we do a stupid interview, that's all you ever ask. The fact of the matter is this, B.Dazzle may have gotten some good hits on that son of a bitch who attacked me, but that's not good enough. He has something that belongs to B.Dazzle. He has B.Dazzle's I.C title, and B.Dazzle wants it back. B.Dazzle will beat the shit out of every single person in this arena and in that locker room until he finds the piece of crap who stole his belt. Whoever you are, you better pray to god B.Dazzle doesn't find you. You better just keep on praying that B.Dazzle doesn't find you before the slammys. Because if he won't ever be able to pray again!

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  2. *The lights flicker,they go out after 30 seconds glass smashing is heard, they come back on to see ??? with a broken iPad and Dazzle on the ground bleeding with glass on him, ??? walks off down the hallway as the lights go out again*
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