Storyline Backstage with Duke Nukem after match

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  1. Micheal Cole: So it was a hard fought battle out there against the crusade will this feud continue or will you challenge someone else?
    Duke Nukem: Good question im going to say this is not the last time the world is going to see me and dexx against the crusade in a match but i think for the next month or so we probably will not be pursueing them.
    Micheal Cole: Now you have lost three matches here on the trot do you think there is any coming back?
    Duke Nukem: Tough question, i think so yes in those three matches i gained valuable experience, you need to learn to walk before you can run cole and this is all new to me admitedly nick who started in the same match as me has risen straight up the card but if he gets near the top and someone knocks him down hes falling alot and thats gonna hurt whereas for me im left with nothing to lose and everything to gain.So another loss does not really hurt me at all cole no it just drives me to be better and to come back and whip some ass. There is one thing i will never lose and thats my spirit.
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  2. *Jacob watching in the backstage*

    So... They want to face us again? Well, it's not a problem but the Crusade won't be in the IWT much more because at NoC the Crusade may achieve their goal.
  3. You sure Louis? I think we need time, that and my gimmick still isn't straight or am I ever less a talker, we still could make a good team. I just gotta fix my character. But first In reality I got SAT shit.
  4. Your gimmick is ok, you can keep going with that gimmick and then develop it. It's not a big problem at all.
  5. I'm loving the thread revivals. Thank you IWTN? Probably not but I say that.
  6. oh wow, no, but idk I was looking around this place for a little bit but idt I wanna come back. It's that bolt of intrest which dies off after a while (and this computer lags when I type)
  7. come back pls
  8. The more the merrier