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  1. Michael is sitting in his office, slouched back with his black, silk jacket covering the backside of his large, brown, leather chair. His hair is slicked back and his beard is comb out. He is wearing a silver, silk dress shirt that is only buttoned up to his chest. The camera slowly zooms in onto his desk, and Michaels stares at the camera with an arrogant smile on his face.

    Michael: Danny Jacobs, I told you that I will be the man to end you. I warned you that your ways are nothing but a path to your damnation. It's a sour path that you've embarked on and it's only led you into more and more trouble. I know you think that being apart of the Bullad Club is enough merit to completely disregard my authority, but I assure you that if I wanted to, the Bullad Club will be broken into fragments of your memories. Your precious...creation...will be nothing more than a hot bed of wasted potential and distant memories. The Bullad Club is not enough for you to relieve yourself from my grasp. You may be the puppet, the preacher, the speaker, the face of the Bullad Club, but I am the puppet master. If I want you to dance in a thong at the top of the Allstate Arena at SummerSlam, you will. I own you Danny, and you can never shake that off. You want to present yourself as some sort of nonconformist, some kind of anti-authority dissenter. But we all know that you wouldn't be able to do what you do, make the money that you make and earn the wins that you earn, if it weren't for me.

    Michael relaxes, as his face goes from a bright red, back to it's original color. He sits back and crosses his legs.

    Michael: We all know that you are nothing, but an animal. You're here for the entertainment of the spectators, and nothing more. You're an act in the zoo, and I am the zoo keeper. You may be the leader of the Bullad Club, but I am the King of the Bullad Club. I am the King of the IWT, and the man that has kept it alive, and has breathed life into it when it needed most, while you have dissented in an attempt to suck the air out of the IWT's newly repaired lungs for nothing more than notoriety. I won't stand for my animal, for my creation, for my brain child to disembark on a path of destruction and a philosophy of disorder and chaos, within my kingdom. I'll put my dog down, with my bare hands and feel nothing more than a chill of happiness and excitement. Danny Jacobs, I assure you that you will be put down, and with it will go your Bullad Club. With it will go your dissension, and anarchist ideals. With your, and your Bullad Club's absence, peace and order will be restored. Prosperity and regulation will return, and I will be the man on-top of the mountain. I will be the unchallenged King of the IWT, and will be the chained, zoo, animal.

    Michael uncrosses his legs and leans over the desk with a look of pitiful curiosity on his face. He begins to shift through paper work as the camera zooms out.
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  3. After the camera zooms out, we see Danny Jacobs looking at the television with a laugh on his face. A laugh of annoyance, a laugh of disbelief. He turns around from the television and starts talking to himself...

    ''For the second time now...''

    Danny Jacobs starts getting more and more pissed, and before he can even continue, he seems to have finally snapped. He grabs a chair and viciously rams the walls in with it, and eventually, even the TV can't survive the wrath of Danny Jacobs after he kicks right through the screen.

    ''FOR THE SECOND TIME NOW, Michael has challenged me. That cĂșnt! That little fucking cĂșnt! He might be a one-hit wonder beating Aids but that don't mean he can perform miracles. He tries to tell people that he owns me, like I'm his property, like I got ''all those opportunities'' if it wasn't for him when in reality, I didn't get shit from 'em. I built this on my own and maybe that's what Michael hates, because unlike me, he couldn't build on his success because he never had any success before he had his GM power. Sure, you wanna bark like you're bad now, but you can't bite like I do. You're the zoo keeper, but I'm untameable. You're the GM, but I'm the garbage man and I'm comin' to take out the trash.''

    Danny Jacobs starts walking towards the office of Michael, as he comes across The Blackfire who just had a match with Reagan Cole. Still sweating from the grueling contest, The Blackfire stops Danny out of nowhere...

    ''hey what did yuo think of my math with reega-''

    Mid-sentence, The Blackfire gets WHAMMED~! with a huge chair shot to the head.

    ''Shut the fuck up.''

    Danny Jacobs walks to Michael's office quickly, and when he's there, immediately opens the door and storms in, much to the surprise of Michael. Michael sees Danny Jacobs with the steel chair in his hand, and tries to flee away via the fire escape but Danny Jacobs is too quick for Michael and hits him with multiple chair shots to the back. Even when Michael is completely down and doesn't move a muscle, Danny keeps hitting him with the chair. He wants to hurt this man, learn him a lesson. The chair has bended in half as Danny drops it, sitting down next to the laid out Michael for about 20 seconds. He's about to get up and leave, but as he's walking to the door, he sees Michael moving and trying to get up. This annoys Danny, and so he changes his mind and beats up on Michael more. He's clubbing him with forearms and knees to the face, gets him up in a Powerbomb position, and powerbombs him through the office desk of Michael. He looks down and has a sickening laugh on his face. He seems happy to have destroyed him, like he thrives on putting other people through pain.

    ''Pride is a dangerous thing. See you at SummerSlam, boss.''

    After he says this, he gets closer to Michael and spits right in his face. He has a grin on his face as he says his last few words...

    ''Haha, THE BIG GUY~!''
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